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    Soku - Abstract Strategy Game

    Anyone here ever played 5-in-a-row, Peggity, Gomoku, or something similar? A while ago I created a game of my own that merges elements of these games with some more complex mechanics inspired from Chess, and with the help of a friend developed it into a pretty solid and unique game. It's played on a Chess board with Chess pieces, but you play your pieces directly to squares from a reserve, like in 5-in-a-row. The key mechanic that I introduced was flanking; certain pieces can remove enemy pieces from the board and create "lockouts" in their place. There are other kinds of pieces as well (like blockers, that can't be flanked). I would say it's a fairly advanced game, similar to Chess, with a lot of complexities and strategy to it (can take forever to finish too if you don't put time limits on yourself, you can spend a lot of time figuring out all the different possible moves, but that could just be because I think slowly ). Anyway, I've had the rules written up for a while, but a few days ago I got an idea, and decided to see if could code the game on a webpage using javascript and some PHP. That way I could more easily show the game to people and have them try it out. So over the weekend, I made this: http://secondwindprojects.com/soku/ It's a fully-functioning browser-based version of Soku, capable of being played locally on a single computer or over the internet by hosting/joining games created by others. I'd say it's ALMOST done, all the features are in place but it hasn't been very thoroughly tested, so there probably are bugs I just haven't run into yet, and I have no idea how it will perform on other browers (I tested in the latest Firefox and Chrome versions). There are basic tooltips in place that should give you some idea how to play, and I'm in the process of updating my old instruction write-up to make it a little easier to understand. A full instruction set has been added! Anyway, not sure if anyone here would be interested in a game like this, but figured I'd share it with you guys.
  2. Azure Mantle

    Soku - Abstract Strategy Game

    AI would be awesome... but no, that's far outside my skillset. And I'd love to. Also, games are persistent and tied to the nickname you provide, so you can have a long-term game with someone (login, make a move, do something else, check back later).
  3. Azure Mantle

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    whaaaaaa C2Talon
  4. Azure Mantle

    First Nations Rights

    Canada has its own problems, so I wouldn't go calling it the perfect solution just yet.
  5. Azure Mantle

    First Nations Rights

    A classic dilemma. What happened happened and can't be reversed, so what's to be done now? It's the same with languages. For example, in America (although this is an issue in plenty of other nations across the globe), do we make it the law for everyone to learn English? The humanitarian answer would seem to be "no, we can't force our culture upon them." This is legitimate, languages are becoming extinct all the time, a way of communication is lost forever. Just because it's natural selection doesn't mean we can't and shouldn't do something about it; after all, that's what medicine does. We don't just let the old and the sick die to purge them from society, that's one of the advantages to being a first-world nation, that we can afford and have the technology and the infrastructure to literally fight nature so we can hang on to our lives just a little longer. However, that exact same humanitarian argument has been used by dictators and totalitarian regimes all over the world to disadvantage other ethnic groups and maintain power for their own. In the name of tolerance and cultural respect, cruel leaders declare that they will preserve these languages. But the problem is, those languages keep those people down. They prevent them from competing in the global job market, they prevent them from entering "higher" classes, they prevent them from getting good jobs. In our case, English is currently the language of global trade. Learning it gives you access to numerous economical opportunities, and this will be true for a long time to come. Therefore, doesn't it seem to be the humanitarian thing to do to provide proper education in English to those who can't speak it here in America? Are we preserving the culture and lifestyle of Native Americans? Perhaps. Are we also crippling them and in essence preventing them from ever entering our society on an equal economic footing? Absolutely. My 2 cents. If anything came across as heartless or cruel in here you either read it wrong or (more likely) I failed to properly convey my argument, lol.
  6. Azure Mantle


    Like I said in IRC, that's some epic fight choreography you got going there! Definitely you're strongest element (and one of our weakest! ). Can't wait to see what happens next!
  7. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    So yeah, it's me, checking in after... well a very very long time. To be perfectly honest I can't believe the NADC is still around, I nearly choked up in fact! How is everyone? Who all is still around from the old days? And what new faces have been making a name for themselves lately? P.S. For the love of all things holy, you're still using that category header background image I made? It's hideous. D:
  8. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    Ooooooooooo yeah, forgot about that... Wasn't that Otto's? Well, NADC4life!
  9. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

  10. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    Doomkid, that's the one. So how have things been going with NADC? Relatively speaking, of course.
  11. Azure Mantle

    How did you find CN?

    A friend of mine, Aryndil, that I knew from an LotR RPG site we ran, started playing and got me interested. We joined OIN together, realized it sucked, and went and founded NADC with Heretic and Nadjia.
  12. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    KAJDAV, there's another one. Hi. Ven! There's another one. Um, sure? Ask away, i may or may not remember. whippersnappers Were you the one with the pear avatar?
  13. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    Yes. Quite. It could. Mehhhhh, maybe, I'm pretty busy nowadays. But I suppose it wouldn't hurt to just laze around with a nation. Me too! Pretty darn good, and yes I figured as much, and yes it makes me feel old too. It also makes me feel old when I realized how terribly immature I was back then. I don't know if you remember any of my epic blowouts, but I don't get mad at people nearly as much anymore. YES, I do remember you... a little bit. Just the name really. But don't feel bad, I'm really having a hard time remembering anyone. Let's see if I could just list all the people I remember off the top of my head right now... Nadjia EmperorCharlesVI Heretic TankKiller Legend? Scotia Lailander? Otto D... D... the dude who went rogue, our first nuclear rogue Someone with a pear as their avatar ...damn my memory sucks. Well if you point someone out to me I'd probably remember them. Are you the same Legend that was around before? Yup. 5 years... wow. Nadjia's been around eh? That's good to hear, I still remember when we broke from OIN, although I even forget who all our 7 or 9 founding members were.
  14. Azure Mantle

    Well, hello there!

    Dammit I thought I set it to send me emails of new reply notifications. Will respond to everyone, but having trouble with the post, it keeps telling me the number of opening quote tags is mismatched, but I call BS.