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  1. Tiagoroth

    Game of Thrones [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    We see things start to get put in motion for Jon to meet aunt Daenerys (R + L = J ) via the dragon glass storyline set up by Sam. Arya is also in the Riverlands (where Nymeria is leading a pack of wolves in the books, and she didn't die in the show so they'll definitely meet). It was definitely a great first episode, and I'm looking forward to the next 6.
  2. Tiagoroth

    TemplarAssassin Application

    Boooo, Lanaya! A truly okay mid
  3. Tiagoroth

    Trump's seven-nation ban

    Obligatory reference to Seven Nation Army as well.
  4. Tiagoroth

    Trump's seven-nation ban

    I would like to see an application process for exemptions, even though knowing the US it would take a horribly long time to go through and hear back. Internationally accredited scholars, celebrities, and the like shouldn't be banned and should be able to receive an exemption. On the upside, my university has waived application fees for students from these affected countries. Go Canada
  5. Tiagoroth

    CotM mask update

  6. Tiagoroth

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Yay, DS!
  7. Tiagoroth

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Join us, i'll play bgo I love BGO
  8. Tiagoroth

    Who Will Post Next?

    Unfortunately. A lucky fucker with no allergies.
  9. Tiagoroth

    Who Will Post Next?

    I'm not that young. Someone who hasn't been to a Blockbuster.
  10. Tiagoroth

    Who Will Post Next?

    Never. Someone who didn't watch the presidential debate.
  11. Tiagoroth

    let me in :\ rawr

  12. Tiagoroth

    let me in :\ rawr

    This is the full clip from where I made that gif from the music video:
  13. Tiagoroth

    let me in :\ rawr

    You have to focus on being that pretty.
  14. Tiagoroth

    Boston Shenanigans

    Ah, months after I leave Boston.
  15. Tiagoroth

    let me in :\ rawr

    They're one of the reasons why I like the video I made the gif from. Want a link to the full video?