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  1. Zygon

    Who Will Post Next?

    Correct you are! My vamp queen?
  2. Zygon

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nada House?
  3. Zygon

    Tank Missed Me

    God dammit does this mean I have to come back?
  4. Zygon


    [embed]http://i.imgur.com/ojswwP1.png[/embed] Triggered.
  5. Zygon

    Word Association

    Woah I haven't seen TC since.........a loooooooooong time ago wtf 0___0
  6. Zygon

    Virginia Tech Shooting, 10 years later

    Awh. FIrst lady said it best. My condolences to you Dark Wizard I could try and say I know what you are going through but I do not. I could never imagine that. Prayers tonight for those families and friends who are missing their loved ones.
  7. Zygon


  8. Zygon


    I think i speak for many americans here when I say that we could care less what outsiders think of our president because there is a good chance we feel the same way and so on. Haters ganna hate. Nothing more or less.
  9. Zygon


    Well you aren't american so you wouldn't understand our views like we wouldn't understand yours. Flame? Far from it. Freedom of speech is something im more familiar with. I do realize it isn't all of them who are the ones who wish us ill but when a good majority of them do unfortunately they all are labeled because of a few who have ruined it for them.
  10. Zygon

    Have Questions?

    We are getting Tech clubs started back up over here. We are also working on our trades aswell, although you are in another alliance and don't have our color so it'd be difficult to fit you somewhere. Let me see if i can find an open spot.
  11. Zygon

    Star Wars Rogue One *SPOILER*

    They fucking definitely nailed this sugar and 10/10 STar Wars will live again.
  12. Zygon

    War ribbons request

    Me and Aurelius have been messaging the AMGC Director and are trying to get it squared away LOL
  13. Zygon


    Exactly lmfao so why not vote for the underdog here.
  14. Zygon

    Trump Donald

    LOL your so confident it's like i wanna kill you
  15. Zygon


  16. Zygon

    "The Liver Run": An epic police escort

    This stressed me out lol
  17. Zygon

    Debate 2016

    Oh Trump.....you always make yourself look an ass.
  18. Zygon

    "My secret life as a Texan Trump supporter"

    Very good read indeed, interesting.
  19. Zygon

    Throwback Song?

    I remeber this song xD
  20. Zygon

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Our MoIA will be here shortly
  21. Zygon

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Our MoIA will be here shortly!
  22. Zygon

    Image Request

    I like
  23. Zygon


    Hahaha That was the funniest sugar ever!!
  24. Zygon

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Welcome you'll be accepted and masked shortly!