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  1. Midas

    7 years

    Congrats and welcome to the club!
  2. Midas

    The links between education and money

    I am currently taking an applied mathematics type of course and I personally find it MUCH more interesting than one that is just the theoretical aspects. Students always ask the question "When will we ever use this in real life?" Now that question is answered. I feel that there is a way to teach all of the advanced mathematics we need to know in an applied math class rather than a theoretical. It holds the students attention more and is usually pretty fun. As for the link between money and the type of class, I think it is merely because the students believes that he/she is not good enough to enroll in the more advanced classes. This could be due to the lack of materials needed at home to perceptively succeed in a class, or the lack of support from friends and families. Also, speaking of friends, I know that at the beginning of registering for classes my friends and I will gather to talk about what classes we are taking the next year so that we have opportunities to be in some of the same classes. This could be happening here as well. The kids in low income neighborhoods are friends and if a handful of them choose one path, the others will likely follow. Just to be in the same class as their friends.
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    Lulu!!!! Hai!!!
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    Well then, I guess we have it good
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    Worst thing ever invented. I think we've all seen enough of a reason why both on here and IRL in the past few days.