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  1. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    Okay sweet. That's what I use too. Just smells a lot for me. Anyway thanks man.
  2. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    Lol. Lol.
  3. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    Thanks man. Could you take a pic of the exact fluid which you buy. Yours seems to smell a lot less. A few reasons. I am really sorry to tell you this but I love America (lol), I love 1940s to 1970s America and I love iconic American products, the classic stuff, so of course this was a have to buy. Also like the history behind them with WW2, Vietnam etc. I'll be using it to smoke darts mate (casually not a pack a day). Anyway I really appreciate the help. Cheers Tank.
  4. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    Thank you so much for this Tank. 1. Smells like petrol or gas. When its closed its fine. When I open it smells bad. When I put up to my mouth to light up it reeks. I can live with the smell but I am wondering whether inhaling this is a lot more toxic than inhaling the odorless BICs. 2. Sweet I'll try the vaso trick. Yeah ikr annoying as with the duration. 3. Interesting. I topped up yesterday and today was taking a while to start. Might have evaporated overnight but idk. I bought a few days ago so wick may have been too short. I noticed it did look kinda brown/burnt with coil or something showing. I'll try lift it a bit. Thanks. 4. Cheers. What lighter fluid do you use? Edit: Yeah I bought official Zippo fuel.
  5. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    Hey Tank. Thanks so much. So here are my observations and questions. 1. The Zippo fuel stinks. Is this normal? I noticed with the BICs that there was no fuel leakage due to their design. Just wondering if this smell is a malfunction or if it is normal. (If damaged probably not safe to be inhaling it). 2. The fuel seems to run out pretty quick. Is there a way to stop this evaporation? I've heard of people placing vasoline between the case and the shell as well as wrapping up in tin foil. 3. Sometimes it takes multiple strikes to light up. Normal? 4. How do you know when it is full of fuel? Would prefer not to overfill due to leak + smell. Also how often do you refuel? Much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. The End

    Zippo Lighters

    I'm just wondering whether anyone here owns or uses a Zippo Lighter or lighter fluid. I picked this bad boy up the other day in the 'hood but I have a series of things I need to address with other owners. Cheers boys. Much appreciated.
  7. The End

    What are you listening to right now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFjMeOnqAPI Absolute boss.
  8. The End

    Wondering how everyone is doing?

    Hahaha you don't want to know. Glad to see you back though. Sorry to hear about the loneliness.
  9. The End

    Wondering how everyone is doing?

    Lol. How are you?
  10. The End

    What are you listening to right now?

    Great song. You have good taste. Legit. I'm just a happy chap right now (good day in RL).
  11. The End

    What are you listening to right now?

    #celebrationtime #lifeisgood #untouchable #victory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otCpCn0l4Wo
  12. The End

    NADC Book Club

    How to Rig an Election By Allen Raymond. This one was recommended to me by an old politics teacher who wanted to expose to his class the political activities that actually occur behind closed doors. So basically the book is about a disillusioned college graduate who joins the GOP because of the rumour that there is lots of money to be made. This guy went onto become a major player in the party, helping other corrupt and dishonest GOP politicians twist the truth beyond recognition. However, he ended up going to prison because of corruption and lies which culminated in a scandal. It's a great book and I highly advise everyone to have a read.
  13. The End

    The Geography Game

  14. The End

    The American Revolution

    Or like Vietnam kicking out the USA in the 1970s… And yes, I know there are reasons why (political vs military), but that’s why it is a great example. Then there are also reasons why the Colonists won, most notably the triple-power coalition that was also fighting Britain. Incidentally, in the late 16th Century Britain was not the most powerful Empire on Earth. Spain & France were arguably more powerful (and certainly held more land in the Americas), with the Dutch not far behind – what is pretty badass is that Britain managed to defeat its three greatest global rivals all at the same time. Do you have a list of that legislation? This is what I can find: Sugar Act (designed to raise funds to cover military expenditure) Currency Act (This is not repression – how would the USA react if Alaska started printing its own currency?) Stamp Act (Also designed to raise funds to cover military expenditure, in this specific case 10,000 troops out on the frontier. The tax was appealed and revoked) The Townshend Revenue Act (designed to raise funds to cover the administration of the colonies) Quartering Act (mainly resolving issues regarding the billeting of soldiers, and trying to ensure colonists get fairly paid by the army for billets & supplies provided) Tea Act (An act to lower the duty on tea) Intolerable Acts (specific acts aimed mostly at punishing Boston & preventing further aggression) Perhaps the colonists thought that UK-based taxpayers should fund their security? Also, Australia is a former British colony with (as you point out below) leanings towards the USA, I’d hardly call that a neutral viewpoint Unlikely to be the Revolutionary War as the USMC didn’t exist then and there wasn’t a battle that I know of that matched that statement (unless we allow for propaganda-inflation of numbers). Bunker Hill was 2,400 Militia vs. just over 3,000 British troops. It could be any number of wars, but quite likely to be Korea at a guess. In terms of the Marine Corps question much appreciated. 1. Sorry yes you are right about Britain not being the most powerful empire in the Earth at that time. However, I believe it was the dominant colonial power at the time in North America.Also in terms of the US in Vietnam, contrary to popular opinion they did actually "win" and achieved all their strategic geopolitical objectives. Every time the US fights a guerilla type war instead of a conventional war, people feel like it lost just because it is physically impossible to win a guerilla war WW2 style. Is winning defined as wiping out every single guerilla? Basically the US wants to prevent a dominant power in Eurasia. That is basically what nearly every war has been about in the last century. In terms of Vietnam it was concerned about the domino theory and the Soviets having direct influence and expanding communism. Vietnam as a country meant jack sugar to America, relative to the idea of communism spreading all across South East Asia. But communism never did spread and countries made an effort to avoid communism after Vietnam. I can PM you my actual essay if you want to discuss Vietnam more. However, it is true that the American public back home wanted the US out of Vietnam and because of public pressure politicians did pull troops back home. At that point the South didn't lose because the Americans had done some decent work in hammering the communists and in bolstering the South. I believe the South lost a few years later when the Americans had cut off aid and assistance altogether. 2. In terms of the legislation I can find heaps but I just need one to demonstrate why the colonists had a right to be pissed. If India for example was forcing my local government to order me to house random Indian troops in my house and to feed them I'd be f*cking pissed. As the dominant power England was basically just using the colonies for its own advantage. In terms of Aus we're still part of the British Commonwealth, the Union Jack is on our flag, and we have a Prime Minister who essentially "knighted" Queen Elizabeth's husband the other day. It's still very British and we have nothing to gain by saying the American colonists were in the right and our mother country Britain was in the wrong, if that wasn't the case.
  15. The End

    The American Revolution

    Cheers for the battle name Ionzomac. Idk mate. I think as you said the Brits and Soviets did play a massively vital role. In terms of Aus though, we are so small and insignificant that aside from some minor battles in South East Asia I don't think we did too much. Keep in mind it was the US who saved Aus from Japanese invasion cause the British Navy was worn out too thin and had to focus on Europe. It was WW2 which created the alliance between Aus, NZ, and US and these days Aus is closer with the US than with Britain. Anyway, I agree that the Brits and the Russians took most of the beating from the Nazis. If the Brits had fallen in several battles it all would have been over so kudos to Churchill. However, the Americans were very smart with the Lend Lease Program. When the war finished, Britain owed a sugar tonne of cash, basically had to hand the keys over to the Atlantic, and America was able to leave stronger than when it had entered (barely any damage at home, no international economic competitors etc.) I can agree with you about King George. You have very valid points there. Yeah I was taught that you guys + us lost in Vietnam. And I thought to myself hang on a second Mr. M, I'm gonna have to disagree with you there. I wrote my final paper on America "winning" the Vietnam War and got 100%. Lol. You raise a very interesting point here: "I look at the Revolutionary War and see in the modern world that America is making the same mistakes that led to the British Empire being dismantled. We overstretch our military, now our president is downsizing our fighting force because we don't take the people that hate us seriously. To Americans,the people we fight against are just Bedouins with their camels, much like we were just farmers with pitchforks." Very interesting. I agree here. I wouldn't mind hearing more of your insight here cause you seem to know what you are talking about. I'm all for a strong military and I am concerned about China but it almost seems like America is creating an empire of bases and defense spending has skyrocketed after 9/11. It also seems like the Pentagon wastes a sugar tonne of money, that the air force is extremely old, that the navy is fairly small, and that recent projects have seen a lot of controversy (littoral combat ship + F35 Lightning 2). Plus China is stealing heaps of designs and creating weapons systems to counter the American presence in the Western Pacific (carrier sinking missiles etc). Anyway, is the issue that the defense budget has expanded but more of it has had to be put on "credit card"? As in gov revenue hasn't grown to allow the defence budget to expand without having to borrow money? Is there a solution where America can continue to be a military superpower ahead of Russia+China without bankrupting itself? How come these issues have arisen now instead of the '80s or '90s? Cheers.