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  1. Comrade Ronjoy

    LSF diplo mask request

    this guy is horrible. shoo him away.
  2. Comrade Ronjoy

    Meow meow meow

    I like the Sithis.... they have Hereno and Optimistic you know... Pacifican Turds are a different story though
  3. Comrade Ronjoy

    Meow meow meow

    thanks man
  4. Comrade Ronjoy

    Meow meow meow

    hai MB!!!!! SUP MAN?
  5. Comrade Ronjoy

    Meow meow meow

    Hey Zygon! The problem is that the embassy is asking for a password.... And please demask KillibgInnocent. This is a Powindah turd and not a part of Die Linke.
  6. Comrade Ronjoy

    Meow meow meow

    Alliance Initials: DL Alliance full name: Die Linke Alliance team color: Brown Number of members: 40 Forum link: http://z15.invisionfree.com/LSF/index.php? Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=523528 Nation name (if different from forum name): The Subcontinent IRC channel: #lsf Position in Alliance: DL FA Guy, floor sweeper., commissar of conspiracies. Honorary TrolLSF Embassy Requested (yes/no) : Yes Are there any other assigned Ambassadors here from your alliance? Tell me who all are there. If yes, do they need to be demasked? All UCR Members - KI, and tell me who else are.there as DL Diplomats.
  7. Comrade Ronjoy

    New signature tags for NADC officials

    how about having different PiP (keeping in mind the alliance name) for diplomats on the NADC forums? We all would like that hehe
  8. Comrade Ronjoy

    LSF Diplomatic Mask

    I think I am just the LSF specific ambassador? Either way yes, I need an LSF mask. Thank You Yep, Xav is all here to propagate the great Elesufi faith to you good powindahs... He will tell you how glorifying it is to follow the path of the great elesef huehuehue(obligatory Elesufi laugh). Since he is rather new to DL himself, he would need some time before completely grasping the workings of the con-federation
  9. Comrade Ronjoy

    Good day!

    Note : all LSF, UCR, SWF members are to be masked as Die Linke diplomats and are to be given access of the Die Linked Embassy
  10. Comrade Ronjoy


    oil! you still playing!?? good to hear salsa
  11. Comrade Ronjoy

    Who Will Post Next?

    nopeidy dopity no! SB?
  12. Comrade Ronjoy

    Who Will Post Next?

    but but the bird form is soo cute... i mean you would change to a many-holed monster from a cute li'l bird?? Aur?
  13. Comrade Ronjoy

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nopey dopey Aur? P.S : I hate that monster.. too many holes
  14. Comrade Ronjoy

    Bring me Zygon

    Can i take him? Die Linke has a policy to pamper birds!