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  1. It's an interesting ethical dilemma. On the one hand, it is a monstrous lie. As the mother and "father" know, if the deception is discovered, it has the potential (and probably will) have a devastating impact on the child, the consequences of which I do not think can be fully appreciated. On the other, the motivation comes from good intentions and love. I think it's the perfect example of a mother trying to do her best for her child, but ending up with the wrong solution.
  2. Aurelius

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Winner winner chicken dinner.
  3. Aurelius


    Nice integration! Thanks, Tank!
  4. Aurelius

    Embassy Request for Sovereign Nations

    Welcome to the forums of the NADC! Your embassy has been created and can be found here: http://forum.cn-nadc.net/forum/605-embassy-of-the-sovereign-nations/ Please let me know if you have any questions.
  5. Aurelius

    Kinda Stupid, But Important...

    Add your reasoning? I think it's more important to add your seasoning!
  6. Aurelius

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Welcome to our forums! This thread is for applicants who came from the alliance previously known as RnR. The age of your nation would seem to indicate that you were not a member of RnR, unless you are a member returning from deletion, etc. Can you please confirm whether you were a member of RnR or not? Additionally, as we are currently at war, we are not accepting any new applicants for the moment.
  7. Aurelius

    New Polar Order

    Masked. Your embassy can be found at the following link. http://forum.cn-nadc.net/forum/175-embassy-of-the-new-polar-order/ Welcome to the NADC forums.
  8. Aurelius


    Damn, I don't have an HBO subscription. I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out on DVD.
  9. Aurelius

    Lawyer Jokes

    Yep, par for the course.
  10. Aurelius

    New Polar Order

    Also, your embassy is here. http://forum.cn-nadc.net/forum/175-embassy-of-the-new-polar-order/
  11. Aurelius

    New Polar Order

    Masked, against my better judgment. For goodness sake, as much as it is possible, keep it civil and to a minimum level of annoying.
  12. Aurelius

    New Polar Order

    Went to mask you, saw this: Cute.
  13. Aurelius

    Game of Thrones [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    I've edited the title of the thread. Seeing as I'm still on season one of GoT, I'm outta here.
  14. Aurelius

    Who Will Post Next?

    Yeah nah. Someone who loves bacon.
  15. Aurelius

    mayboro's Application

    Welcome to the NADC!