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  1. Signor Boredom

    UPN Diplomat

    Welcome Someone from FA should be along soon to help you
  2. Signor Boredom

    LSF diplo mask request

    Welcome! Someone should be along to help you shortly.
  3. Signor Boredom


    I am glad you are staying with the NADC Puffin pride o7
  4. Signor Boredom

    NADC Newspaper

    Terrific work, Oddsox
  5. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    It's true, you're right. Though I will say that I've been pleasantly surprised by the reception of this thread (for the most part; this is a little bit of reciting poetry but again, it wasn't really unexpected and those actually contributing to it outweigh those trying to troll others) And I'll definitely help keep this thread going (at least as long as the other one is going lol). Heh, so did I. I lost interest but it was good. I won't deny that Simon Baker is effing sex on legs. Agreed. And on the show, he had a lot of charm too--which adds to his appeal, I think. I always enjoyed his and Cho's scenes. And another contribution, Scott Speedman:
  6. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Kittens

  7. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    Simon Baker Tim Kang Yes, I used to watch the Mentalist. >_> Yes, I know it's awful. No, I don't care.
  8. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Kittens

  9. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    Agreed, Astro I've visited the forums of a lot of other alliances as well--most of them have threads dedicated to beautiful ladies. I don't think I've ever seen one dedicated to guys. But given the male to female ratio in CN, and the small percentage of players LGBT players make up--I guess it's not so surprising. xD (mind you, obviously neither are required for such a thread, but it would definitely help lol in my experience, threads like these usually either stay ignored or attract trolls :/) Here's another diver--Alexandre Despatie
  10. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    McCain x.x This is really tempting me to pay another visit to the Gorgeous Women thread... In any case... Lee Pace
  11. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Women

    Utada Hikaru
  12. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    xD I was worried for a second... Onwards... Christian Bautista Aljur Abrenica Eric McCormack
  13. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Kittens

  14. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Guys

    There's already a thread for the ladies Jude Law Barun Sobti
  15. Signor Boredom

    Gorgeous Kittens