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  1. Gandorian

    New Polar Order

    Be careful Aurelius...That link is the color "that shall not be named".
  2. Gandorian

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Of course we would have...he loves him some Polar. No need to deflect anything. We have "screen shots man...We have screen shots!" It's like high school....
  3. Gandorian

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Bern supposedly didn't do anything wrong...but NpO loves him. That's really all you need.
  4. Gandorian

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

  5. Gandorian


    Sorry Aurelius. i just deleted the file on Mega...lol. Tank...that was one helluva twist. Hopefully, they can follow it up in season two with something great as well.
  6. Gandorian


    I have. You have yet to see the major twist. I liked it, but I think it could be even better. I'm looking forward to season 2.
  7. Gandorian

    Game of Thrones [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    Yes...R+L=J certainly looks to be true. Arya has become a real badass...lol.
  8. Gandorian

    Game of Thrones [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    I thought a couple season ago got too convoluted. In one episode alone there were nine different scenes with different story lines. They did intertwine some, but it became too discombobulated. I think last season and the start of this season has a better streamlined approach primarily concentrating on what's going on in the north and the road (or sea) to King's Landing. Cercei is obviously the primary antagonist (at least not in the north). A lot of people think her brother Jamie will ultimately end her, but there's always Tyrion that could as well. My wife is counting on Arya doing it. Regardless, I'm guessing someone will.
  9. I thought I would start a GoT thread considering the popularity of the show. Please note....this thread MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!! The first episode of season 7 aired Sunday and will be followed by 6 more episodes this season. The next (and final season) will consist of 6 episodes. I thought the season premiere this Sunday was good. What say you?
  10. Gandorian

    mayboro's Application

    Welcome mayboro!
  11. Gandorian

    BoSox Nation Re-Application

  12. Gandorian

    Tank Missed Me

    Every time I think I'm about to retire....
  13. Gandorian

    Trump's seven-nation ban

    My guess is that SCOTUS will rule that they do not have standing. "Standing" is the right to file a lawsuit because it directly harms you. That would let the ban go ahead. TBH, the government should simply tweak the language on visas and then make that directive. Incidentally, the most liberal appeals circuit (9th) always get's overturned. Can you believe they get overturned by SCOTUS 80% of the time? That's just insane.
  14. Gandorian

    Trump's seven-nation ban

    The President nominates all federal judges (there's around 900 right now), but the Senate must confirm them all. That gives both branches of government the ability to shape the judicial branch.Because all federal judges (district, appeals and SCOTUS) have lifetime appointments, I personally believe it is the single most powerful power the President has. His/her's policies can be overturned once he leaves office, but those judges can last many years. Not all judges adhere to the same ideology as the President that named them. For instance, Republican President Gerald Ford nominated Justice Stevens, who ended up be a staunch liberal. Bush Sr. nominated Justice Souter, who certainly leaned left. Nixon nominated Justice Blackmun, who was one of the most liberal. Reagan nominated Justice O'Connor, who was always considered in the middle as a swing vote. Having the justices doing the nominations themselves would leave it all "in house", which would be the opposite of what the separation of the three branches are meant to do. Also, judges are supposed to be non-political, so leaving it up to them would make it more political, with no other branch able to do much at all.
  15. Gandorian

    Star Wars Rogue One *SPOILER*

    I saw it last week and really liked it a lot. I think it may be the best Star Wars since the originals. I agree with House about the ending. There were a ton of Easter eggs from the blue milk to Cornelius Evaza ("He doesn't like you"..."I'm sorry"...."I don't like you either") and many others. The visuals were excellent, but the movie didn't need to rely on them since the story well well written. It's the perfect compliment to A New Hope. If you go see Rogue One, I suggest you immediately watch A New Hope when you go home. 9/10