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    Marijuana, should it be legal....

    Some good points. I pretty much agree most people should be able to do what they want in their own home, unless it can negatively impact others (such as children living in the home). My father worked for Children and Youth Services and saw first hand what drugs, alcohol and other substance can do to a family. That being said, if it only affects consenting adults, I believe most things should be legal in private.
  2. Gandorian

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    Yes, it would never have even went to trail. Enough political pressure was put on, even though the police and most legal scholars knew there wasn't nearly enough evidence to convict.
  3. Gandorian

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    TM was living there with his father's fiance, which was about 70 feet from where he was shot. The police were called there 402 times within the past 13 months prior. TM made the wrong decision not to simply run home (if he was scared), or call 911 (as GZ did). Instead, he confronted GM, and beat him. IMHO, they both made bad decisions, but the decisions they made would have been made by many other people too. GM was the neighborhood watch coordinator. Many communities take that seriously when there are as many problems as they had at that time. He thought TM looked suspicious poking around in the rain. Then TM came toward him (while he was talking to 911), then saw TM run away. GM told the police after he was told not to follow him, TM attacked him as he went back to his truck. If that is true, GM wasn't at fault at all. If it isn't true and he went toward TM, it would not have many any sense to start an indecent if he knew the police would be there any minute. Which they were, about 3 minutes later- unfortunately too late. Again, in that amount of time TM could have already been home, so I would tend to believe TM chose not to go home, and instead confronted GM, and attacked him. Again, crimes committed in the gated community in the year prior to TM's death included 8 burglaries, 9 thefts, and 1 shooting. Residents were on record as saying there were dozens of reports of attempted break-ins, which they said had created an atmosphere of fear in their neighborhood. The police were called to the community complex 402 times within that year. GM was the community watchman coordinator and saw someone acting suspicious in the rain. I don't think calling 911 and reporting it was wrong if he thought TM was acting suspicious. There's also nothing wrong with wanting to see someone that may be about to commit a criminal act actual be caught. You are assuming GZ is lying that TM didn't attack him when he was going back to his vehicle and wait for police. Again, why would GM look to attack someone when he just called 911 and was waiting for police to arrive? Even if he did somewhat follow TM to make sure he was still in sight, he already told 911 he wanted the police there so he couldn't get away. With respect, the racial profiling is ridiculous. He never even mentioned what color TM was until 911 asked, and he said he "thought" he was black. GZ is far from a racist. Look up about his crusade to help the homeless black man who was treated unfairly by police. That's not true. The burden is much higher than that, and yes- I had to look it up and also ask my son who's just about to finish law school. It's not that broad. Remember, TM beat up GZ as witnessed by the person closest to them, and GZ injuries corroborate it. I addressed the racism above.
  4. Gandorian

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    What happened was tragic, no doubt. No matter how suspicious TM looked to GZ, it certainly would have been best if he would have not pursued toward TM. That being said, there was near the evidence needed to convict GZ of just about anything. As far as DW's post, here's what I think... 1. Most expert testimony showed TM was much more athletic than GZ, and GZ wasn't as big as he is today. He gained over 100 pounds since the indecent happened. Because your being followed doesn't give you a right to physically attack someone. The question is why didn't he call 911 if he was in fear of being attacked. GM did call call 911 fearing TM was up to something. If he just intended to hurt TM, there was no reason he would have first called 911. If you listen to the 911 call, Zimmerman was preparing to meet the police when they arrived. Less than three minutes later the altercation happened. 2. GZ, obviously took his position as neighborhood watchman coordinator very seriously, especially with all the recent break-ins. Crimes committed in the gated community in the year prior to TM's death included eight burglaries, nine thefts, and one shooting. Residents were on record as saying there were dozens of reports of attempted break-ins, which they said had created an atmosphere of fear in their neighborhood. In fact the police were called to the community complex 402 times within that year, 7 times by GM (5 of which he said there was suspicious activity). That being said, no doubt- he should have stayed in his truck. But, he would have been found guilty if there was evidence he started the altercation- there simply wasn't any. In fact, what we do know is the best witness, who had the best view, saw TM on top of GM beating him (with injuries corroborating it). 3. From what I understand, the response to being attacked should be proportional. You can use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger. Also, the "stand your ground law" was not cited in the trail. I believe GM acted stupid. Even if he believed TM was up to something, he shouldn't have pursued him. But remember, he did call the police, and was waiting for them when it happened. While GM was talking to police, he said TM was walking toward him, and then went the other way. With all the break-ins he said "they all get away", so he followed waiting for the police to call him as soon as they got there. In those three minutes after the call when he was expecting the police, there was no evidence GZ started the fight, only that there was a fight and TM was on top of GM beating him. GM made a bad decision, but so did TM when he didn't call 911 (as GM did), and didn't run away to his father's house (70 yards away), instead of confronting GZ. It's bad all the way around, and the fact TM is dead is the worst.
  5. Gandorian

    The "Would You Rather" Game

    Mud Would rather play basketball or soccer?
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    Animal Game

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    The Geography Game

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    To all of you out there

    It's rather interesting reading the different ideologies here in the forum. My oldest son and I often debate many of the issues I've read you debate here. Although, he's about to graduate law school and he thinks he knows everything!