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  1. Emperor of Babanga

    Announcement & Party

    KoH will need all the help they can get. im sure you will do great things over there. i will have one shaken, not stirred and toast you on your new adventure
  2. Emperor of Babanga


    if israel is threatened (genuinely) they will most likely do a strategic strike on a factory or two will long range strike fighters, iran will retaliate with some CMs. there will be a bit of a duel of CMs aimed at military targets and then UN peacekeepers will step in. you have to remember that this has been verbal since before the yessar government. for over 20 years its been two boxers dancing around the ring. if it does amount to anything it will just be a bit of long range strategic targetting of military assets, anything else than the rest of the world will be beyond pissed. There are still peacekeeping missions in the area since the 6 day war. the UN are on the ground to step in if needed. dont worry. it will just be a bit of de'javu of shock and awe from 2003 and then it will be a verbal fight in diplomatic channels and a UN ceasefire. there is no possible way Iran will be the catalyst for WWIII, it will be like the Russian invasion of american backed Georgia 2 years ago. that was supposed to the the start of WWIII too!
  3. Emperor of Babanga

    Gorgeous Women

    i am sensing a latin theme to your women? eva longoria next?
  4. Emperor of Babanga

    Gorgeous Women

    changed the feed source. it might work now ?
  5. Emperor of Babanga

    Gorgeous Women

    lol, ok for for all those living under the censorship of the land of the so called "free"
  6. Emperor of Babanga

    Gorgeous Women

    Aussie singer Delta Goodrem. She has been a crush of mine since she was a teenager. I dare you to watch her dance and sing around and then tell me you haven't fallen in love. its impossible! http://youtu.be/e9uU4QxMpDU
  7. Emperor of Babanga

    The Morality of Marijuana & Other Illegal Substances

    drugs are bad mmkay, dont do them mmmkay
  8. Emperor of Babanga


    i never play apps that are misspelt. spelling Defence as Defense i barely tolerate as it is
  9. Emperor of Babanga

    Steam Accounts

    steam should burn in hell !!!!
  10. Emperor of Babanga

    Do you have a political hero?

    Eddie "koiki" Mabo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddie_Mabo he fought against a racist government, proved that my people owned the land before the white people came, proved that we were human beings and the legal right to the land of "terra nulius" by the europeans was wrong, lead a rights movement, openend up equal rights to things like medical care and education, worked building railways because he wasnt allowed to do anything else but ended up being buried as a King when he died. the guy is a serious political hero
  11. Emperor of Babanga

    Kony 2012?

    do they even have the internet in the hills of uganda? and if they do would they really give a rats ass about what the decadent west thinks about their freedom fight? its just a way for people who believe themselves to be leftist to make a political stand on something "important to them" without actually having to do anything. "look at me, im active about world affairs and justice, but im late for my starbucks coffee"
  12. Emperor of Babanga

    Barack Obama

    it was a barrier that needed to be broken. if we could break a similar barrier here it would be good. we now have female leading the country for the first time ( a Queen and our first female Prime Minister) but an Indigenous leader (black fella) is still an impossible dream. Last election we got our first indigenous member of government. it has taken this long to just get a guy on a seat in the back of the room! The sad thing for Obama is that he is the sacrificial lamb that was used to break the barrier. The second black president will not be able to escape obama's shadow and comparisons, and it will be the third black president that will be an all-time great leader because he will be free of the shadows of history.
  13. Emperor of Babanga

    Barack Obama

    he was elected because of his ethnicity and background and not for any of his polcies. now that he has made history and broken through the barriers he will probably not be around much longer. the honeymoon is wearing off and his lack of political substance is beginning to show. He made history before he had even done anything. he was doomed from the beginning to never live up to expectations and will always be remembered for who he was and not what he did.
  14. Emperor of Babanga

    New Music Artists

    There is also Cassie. She is a friend of mine and Sarah (more sarah, i am more of an associate). Cassie has some serious talent and is safely on my ipod favourites. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FTcePRvS3w
  15. Emperor of Babanga

    New Music Artists

    Here is a new music artist that i helped uncover. its my friend sarah. i made this simple short clip for her to show her talents and 2 weeks ago she scored a record deal to make a debut EP. Some in nadc have already seen it but its suitable to be put in this thread as well. Hopefully you will all hear more from her soon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5HrJOLaxRI