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  1. Puppier

    Today was awesome!

    I traded a Team Fortress 2 item I was worried I wasn't going to be able to sell (Professional Grenade Launcher Killstreaker) for my first Unusual hat (Stormy Armored Authority) worth about $60. THEN I got a random Mann vs Machine completion award worth about $100 (Australium Stickybomb Launcher). This was awesome!
  2. Puppier

    True or False

    False. The next poster knows what the fox says.
  3. Puppier

    NADC Steam

  4. Puppier

    First Thing

  5. Puppier

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for failure to extinguish fire.
  6. Puppier

    Is There a God?

    Not in the traditional sense. Many people think that a god would have to be a being deeply involved in everything. However, there is a huge realm of possibilities that at some point right at the spark of the universe, there was some intelligence at work. This intelligence would likely be as a sort of onlooker, an observer admiring the universe. There is a good Futurama episode that deals with something like this. Bender is left drifting in space and somehow he plays god to lifeforms that somehow live on his back. Unfortunately, his meddling disturbs the balance and the life ends up destroying itself. In his drifting Bender meets an entity that is god, a distant observer, the oldest life.
  7. Puppier


    The US still will remain the center of the world economy even of China surpasses our GDP. The US has invented practically everything over the past 150 years. One thing about the US is that the tougher it gets, the stronger we become.
  8. Puppier

    Gun Control: Do more guns = more crime?

    Honestly, those who talk of a gun ban are too radical. In order for a ban to work you'd have to get every single gun off the streets and that isn't going to happen. Plus you'd have to keep the out.
  9. Puppier

    Would the USA be the same?

    Don't forget the ones on the moon.
  10. Puppier

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for use of alliteration.
  11. Puppier

    The Geography Game

    America, Greatest Country on Earth (You get h)
  12. Puppier

    The "Would You Rather" Game

    Da plane Would you rather be deaf or blind?
  13. Puppier

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nop. I'll hop on the Wenulu train.