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  1. Thomas123

    Trump Donald

    Honestly as a Canadian I think I would rather Trump then the criminal Clinton for you guys at least your government will stone wall trump and nothing will get done. Hillary on the other hand cannot be trusted and she also knows all the back door deals and how to get her agenda done which I do not trust at all.
  2. Thomas123

    Holy Church of Cookienism

    Disgusting cookie cult.
  3. Thomas123

    The one true religion of the NADC, the NADCupcake.

    The Blasphemous cookie followers are trying to retake the faithful. THE CAKESSIAH SHALL RETURN!
  4. Thomas123


    Is anyone still on Clash of Clans?
  5. WOW, That is one of the saddest things I have seen in a while. They let him on the air without the slightest knowledge of the current borders and politics. That ladies and gents is the current status of new networks basically world wide.
  6. Thomas123

    CBC News Expose on American Corruption

    I've walked in plenty of cities at plenty of times of day, even late at night and I have never once either been shot or heard anyone get shot. The perception that some people have that everywhere in the US is just gang violence, police brutality and constant rioting and fires is simply incorrect. Those things do happen, but in relation to the size of the US, I am sure it is not out of line with most first world countries. I am not starting an argument but the stats do say otherwise the US has a higher gun violence then pretty much every other 1st world country.
  7. Thomas123

    CBC News Expose on American Corruption

    Canada the chance of getting shot walking down the street. Very low. US stupid high.
  8. Thomas123

    Best Your Mama Jokes

    Yo mama so heavy I hurt my neck just thinking about her!
  9. Thomas123

    'Allo 'Allo

    I never thought I would see you back here again.
  10. Thomas123

    This is so stupid...

    Oh there is those methods are either at best frowned upon or worse illegal...
  11. Thomas123

    This is so stupid...

    They demand people respect them all the time but give no respect back whatsoever, so in the danger of offending someone who is sensitive here, they can STFU and get over it. This kinda whining infuriates me, if you don't like how organizers set up don't go I think that entrance was fantastic so did everyone else. We should hold those complaining people down and let puppies crawl all over them.
  12. Thomas123

    Mass Shooting in Moncton, NB

    He surrendered, he probably heard the rumors that they were mobilizing a much larger, much more lethal, and more unbending force in the form of Canadian Forces Base Gagetown where the Royal Canadian Regiment has soldiers stationed.
  13. Thomas123

    Who Will Post Next?

    wow I had to stop by when I saw Vampiress randomly back.btw your wrong
  14. Thomas123

    Sony or Xbox

    The system comes with a basic headset. And if you did buy a PS Eye it comes with the built in microphone but if you don't want the camera like me it great
  15. Thomas123

    Sony or Xbox

    PS4 has a really good voice control system now also.