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  1. Hardstyle


    I would like to see how the technology advances first. If the US can manage part of their domestic issues and in the same time hasten research, I could give them much more time than 300 years. I wouldn't count on China to be USA's rival but Russia. Also, considering that about 100 years from now they might start exporting oil (even at high prices), they might fall victims to the "resource curse" (exporting of materials will provide enough profits to make any other production less valuable until eventually it ceases to exist). Other than that, any economic problems will be easy to fix. Today's economy isn't representing true production and thus, a devaluation/downsize would only cause temporary problems (panic, banks' collapse etc) without harming industries (assuming that the state will intervene).
  2. Hardstyle

    Would the USA be the same?

    Unless the total tax revenue was 41.0% of the GDP (as is in Norway) then I doubt you are even close to start considering you might ever go near a socialist economy