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  1. Chunky Monkey

    Yolo04’s application

    I mean, we did say we're at war and not accepting applications. I was hoping to find a reason to accept him but so be it.
  2. Chunky Monkey

    Yolo04’s application

    I'm curious, what made you, in the span of 5 days, apply to join, and subsequently leave 4 alliances (including this one), and also create 2 of your own?
  3. Chunky Monkey

    mayboro's Application

    Accepted and masked, welcome!
  4. Chunky Monkey

    TemplarAssassin Application

    Masked and accepted, welcome!
  5. Chunky Monkey

    BoSox Nation Re-Application

    Welcome back, you've been remasked!
  6. Chunky Monkey

    Tank Missed Me

    Welcome back!
  7. Chunky Monkey


    Thought I recognized the name. Welcome back! Let me know if you need anything.
  8. Chunky Monkey

    WetPatootie's Application

    Masked and accepted, welcome! I'll be sending you a PM shortly with some info.
  9. Chunky Monkey

    WetPatootie's Application

    Two things: 1. We're at war so if you apply, you'll probably be attacked. Just want to be sure you're ok with this. 2. Assuming you're ok with the above, you need to apply in-game.
  10. Chunky Monkey

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Masked and accepted, welcome!
  11. Chunky Monkey

    CCC Member Mask Request

    You can't pull the wool over my eyes Wes, you're still a Kiwi!
  12. Chunky Monkey

    R&R Members sign in here!

    This thread is for former R&R members who are merging in. You will need to post a separate thread, the instructions for doing so are here.
  13. Chunky Monkey

    Invicta dip mask please

    Hmmm, seems our Foreign Affairs Minister has taken a nap. I went ahead and masked you, sorry for the delay.
  14. Chunky Monkey

    War ribbons request

    I remember that we were missing some ribbons for recent wars, I know for sure we don't have one for the campaign against Polar, possibly a couple conflicts before that too. Now that we have an AMGC head again, I was wondering if someone would be up to making a few?
  15. Chunky Monkey

    R&R Members sign in here!

    Huzzah! Masked and accepted.