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  1. lonzomac

    Homophobia and Evolution?

    I think evolution plays into everyone's different biases for and against people. However I believe that it's not as much as a natural inclination to be biased as much as it is a learned behavior. I really don't believe that it's something in our DANA saying that this person can't reproduce so they're dangerous to the species. I just think that some people just plain don't like it because it's not natural. So, is this a question of physical evolution making people hate gays or is it the psychological evolution of the society?
  2. lonzomac

    Kinda Stupid, But Important...

    I've also tried red apple and grilled chicken with a sweet marinara sauce and mozerella mixed with chunks of bleu cheese. Pretty good.
  3. lonzomac

    Kinda Stupid, But Important...

    My reasoning is based on the salty vs sweet mixture. I'm a fan of several fruits on pizza, apples are another, again with grilled chicken and bacon. The so-called Hawaiian version with Canadian bacon (it's just ham, not bacon) isn't that great. Mine is, I also like pineapple but only cooked, otherwise it's too tart. Somehow Aurelius, I knew it'd be you to get at this first it usually is. And Mr. SecGen, with the way you worded that, I'm inclined to follow your lead. And I love the stuff, but Canadians right? JK to all of our Canadian buddays but if he knew, he'd apologize, that's great.
  4. Ok, I wasn't even sure that this is a debate but I keep seeing different people arguing for and against pineapple on pizza. See, kinda stupid but since we're with a multinational audience, I'd like your opinion. Does pineapple go on pizza or not? My favorite pizza is grilled chicken, bacon and pineapple with extra cheese and sauce so obviously I don't understand why anyone says it doesn't belong other than their not having my king-like taste buds and sophistication...???????????? And go!!! Don't forget to add your reasoning.
  5. lonzomac

    Best Vacation

    I hate you Tank!!!!!! I'm jealous!
  6. lonzomac

    Best Vacation

    I'd love to go back to Germany. It was pretty awesome, what I got to see anyway. I didn't get to stay long enough to thoroughly enjoy myself though and didn't get to go to Berlin. Actually, anywhere in Europe would be nice, but Germany was very cool to me and the people surprisingly LOVED American Marines.
  7. lonzomac

    An Apology to the Nations of NADC

    So I guess I wasn't good enough for you to fake message huh?
  8. lonzomac

    What are you listening to right now?

    Volbeat-I'm so lonesome I could cry. I love Hank Williams naturally, but I like this rendition also. http://youtu.be/lZIZ15py6Sw
  9. lonzomac

    Logic problem

    I read the explanation and I still don't understand the logic. Maybe if they'd provided more information like who she told what, I might begin to get it. Maybe I'm a bit slow, but I was even more confused by the explanation than the problem.
  10. lonzomac

    Logic problem

    Wow. Not a clue.
  11. lonzomac

    NADC Book Club

    By far my favorite book. It's exciting, it's happy, and it's sad all at once. The boy spends his savings on a couple of awesome coon dogs (raccoons if you're foreign) and the tale continues from there. I won't spoil it, but it's an awesome read.
  12. The best part of being invaded is getting to play the role of insurgent.
  13. I love the posting title.
  14. lonzomac

    Ted Cruz's chances of becoming president

    The Bush's never failed to entertain. Especially Dubya. If you believe in the Illuminati then he's going to be president.