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  1. Did anybody know the JJ is a Beastie Boys fan? And that one of the pilots names is Ello Asty, after the Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty? Crazy right? I didn't like how Ren revealed his face so suddenly and not even far into the movie. I think his face should have been revealed right before he killed Solo.
  2. oddsox

    Where's Waldo? No wait.... Where's Oddsox?!

    Done! Thanks everyone for the welcome backs.
  3. Hello strangers Been a while. My laptop charger broke so I didn't really have any connection with the online world for the past 2 or 3 months. I have been shooting around the idea of rebuilding my nation and return playing as I was before and enjoying all the friends I have made in this alliance. Hope to see you around as I plan to become more active as the year goes on.
  4. oddsox

    A little story for my fellow friends

    that's a secret Like I said, this is what I think of on an average day. next part is in the makings right now.
  5. Now, before you read, this has no indication on my inactivity. I wrote this, this is what comes through my mind when I'm just thinking, hope you enjoy. BTW this is just the start of this story Second chapter or whatever we are calling these HAHA CLIFFHANGERS. gonna have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens.
  6. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    Are you trying to make another headline for March? It says Molagbal under your picture.
  7. oddsox

    What would happen if....

    Like I said, its just a question, IF you were traveling light speed.
  8. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    good idea, maybe we can all learn something else from my paper other than humor.
  9. oddsox

    What would happen if....

    I was watching a vlog and the guy asked his girlfriend "What if you were traveling at the speed of light, and turned your headlights on?" Now the first thing I thought was, 'okay so nothing that has mass can actually travel at light speed' but it was just a question. So I ask you, what would happen if you were in your car traveling light speed and you turned your headlights on?
  10. oddsox

    The Dress

    The dress is actually Blue and Black, she posted a picture of it when she was at the wedding and it was indeed blue and black.
  11. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    Can somebody give me some topics for good ol' lucky green March? Maybe I could expand this by have 2 or 3 people write a story themselves?
  12. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

  13. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    Thanks everyone!
  14. oddsox

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    Here it is, the February newspaper! Tell me what topics you would like to see in March! if it looks kind of blurry it might be because of the pink.