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    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Not yet. Hay, is this still going on???
  2. Augustus Beanus

    Republican National Convention

    I take offense of discussing the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Perhaps we can discuss the similarities between Joseph Stalin and Hillary Clinton. Gun Control, Total Control over the Media, Desire to create a "Classless" society (At least the Privileged are those in the Government), Censorship, keeping the Religious under your boot, elimination of your enemies (see Vince Foster and others), I could go on. As far as I am concerned, I wish I could take credit for these words, I believe he did a great job: What we are seeing is not a competition between Republican and Democrat. The fact that Hillary and Trump could possibly even be considered for election in the role as President proves that something is fundamentally broken. Hillary will not win this election as she is (rightfully) seen part of a corrupt establishment by an exasperated public that has seen its quality of life decline to but a shadow of what it was in their grandparents time. Its all bread and circuses all the time and the people are waking up to that. This unfortunately means Trump will win this election for the same reasons that the British population voted to leave the E.U. What we are seeing is a backlash by Western countries against globalization which has seen wealth funneled into the hands of a few, while jobs and manufacturing have been exported to the lowest bidder in third world countries as people are fed a steady diet of uncertainty and terror by a biased media. Add to that is the curse of political correctness, that was initially intended to stop people offending or disadvantaging any particular group or people in society, But has instead become an effective form of self censorship which stifles the discussions that healthy societies need to have. And now the Western world is a powder-keg and the fuse has been lit. Europe hasn't fully imploded yet, but it is the next domino to fall, and when it does the world will change forever. Interesting times ahead people. Written by : Nick Mulgrave, on Listverse's comments section of "10 Scandalous Facts Revealed by the DNC Leaks"
  3. Augustus Beanus

    Republican National Convention

    Racist? Since when is supporting Law Enforcement racism? I recall Dr. Ben Carson, Sherriff David Clark, and Pastor Mark Burns among others all speaking at the convention. Perhaps you should listen to their side of this issue!
  4. Augustus Beanus

    The Geography Game

  5. Augustus Beanus

    What American political party are you?

    89% Republicans on economic, healthcare, immigration, social, science, and domestic policy issues 44% Libertarians on immigration issues 25% Democrats on social issues 17 % Green Party on science and domestic policy issues 4% Socialist no major issues