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  1. Beta Panda

    Word Association

  2. Beta Panda

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for calling him out on lack of sources Banned for banning someone
  3. Beta Panda

    3D Printing

    Same, but mine is free even for the plastic Printing can be pretty slow... We normally leave it overnight to print
  4. Beta Panda

    Honey- Must Try

  5. Beta Panda

    Pokemon Go

    How was it?
  6. Beta Panda

    Pokemon Go

    I'm waiting for the official release for my country!
  7. Beta Panda

    File association

    Maybe your windows files are corrupt. Try this: 1) Press the windows button on your keyboard, then type "cmd" (without quotes). After that right click on the search result and choose Run as administrator. 2) Click Yes on the dialog box that pops out (If it pops out, if it does not, skip the step) 3) A black box should type out. Type in the following "sfc /scannow" (without quotes), and press enter. 4) Wait for the process to finish. Once done, restart your computer. Try opening the affected folders again. If it still does not work, create a new user account and try accessing the affected folders using the new user account. Just asking, are the affected folders on a network drive, external drive or on the hard disk of the computer (i.e. same hard disk that is used to boot the computer)?
  8. Beta Panda

    Windows 10

    When directx12 games hit the stores, its said to have a huge improvements for games if you can run durectx12 too. I thinks its about 50% reduction in resource consuming?
  9. Beta Panda

    Fallout 4

    Still waiting for it...
  10. Beta Panda

    MCXA Member Mask Request

    I am from MCXA Interior Department. May I have a mask please? Andrew posted this in MCXA forums so I thought I'd come here. Thanks!