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  1. MrCute

    Best Type of Pans

    I'm a big fan of woks. As I'm constantly budgeting I've never owned one of notable quality but even the $8 one I do have has lasted me 2 years of consistent use and still works fine. A wok can be used for just about anything from stir-fry, deep-fry, braising, soups, steaming, and I'm sure many others but that's just what I can remember using it for off the top of my head. Get you one.
  2. MrCute

    Gound Breaking Announcement in the Ebook World

    That = http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=772&name=Netbooks Plus you don't have to deal with Apple's price gouging.
  3. MrCute

    Cultural censorship

    Despite how much I like you MM, I just have to completely disagree here. I agree in a large sense with Lai, the nation is very clearly interfering with the individual rights of these women. If they choose to wear a burka then that is their right to do so. However, MM brings up another point in his comment. Individual businesses have the right to ban certain types of clothing and such. If Pricechopper is truly hurting for business because of Muslim shoppers then they have the legal right to ban shoppers wearing burkas. Such is the nature of private business. However, it is reprehensible that a country that would even claim to be associated with freedom would ban a religious garb outright. I creates a precedence to ban other potentially threatening religious practices. Sorry to say but if this ban is about white people feeling uncomfortable around women that choose to cover themselves than simply enough, that is ignorant and racist. It's the equivalent of me being uncomfortable around any vegetarian because I would expect them to bomb me for eating meat or mistreating animals. Just because violence has followed an ideology does not mean that all followers of said ideology practice violence. One could claim that Christianity and Western thinking is responsible for the deaths of millions but you don't see people running from the cross (regardless of how much I think they should consider it). A bomb is an easy thing to conceal under a jacket or trenchcoat (plus it's been done before recently). Clothes don't cause people to go to extremes but ignorance and baseless hatred does.
  4. MrCute

    Dragonage: Origins

    It took me a bit to warm up to it but now yes it has engulfed my world. I deeply regret going on vacation and not being able to play it.
  5. MrCute


    Hershey's. My grandpappy ate it, my pappy ate it, and by god I'm gonna eat it.
  6. MrCute

    South Park does a 4chan reference?

    How is that a 4chan reference?
  7. I say let em figure it out. Good publicity for us.
  8. MrCute

    Who Will Post Next?

    falso! The Dude.
  9. MrCute

    Best Albums of 2009

    I find topics like this to be one of the best sources for finding new music. Further, being that this wonderful year for music is coming to an end it seems appropriate to catalog everyone's favorites! Post youtube or other links to your favorite songs for further proof that your tastes are as amazing as you think they are! Feel free to post more than one if you'd like. And now mine... Artist - Title Asobi Seksu - Hush ( , )Mew - No More Stories are Told Today... ( , )White Lies - To Lose My Life... ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78vtQQtaWFc&feature=PlayList&p=BB7CFAACA1C042F0&index=3 ) Muse - The Resistance ( http://www.youtube.com/user/muse?blend=1&ob=4 )
  10. MrCute

    Native America

    I'm making this to move the discussion out of the shoutbox to where it belongs. Continue the debate. I don't have much of a stance myself as I am not content to claim survival of the fittest. Colonial Imperialism had drastic moral impacts on many native populaces. As a human I choose to not ignore my moral responsibilities and we should really be considering whether or not that theoretical moral debt can be paid off and how. Discuss...
  11. MrCute


    Nation name: Minefield Land claimed(Use RL references): Da Falklands IG Nation link: leftage Woo for paying attention!
  12. MrCute


    [ooc] This^ and please suggest a proper format.
  13. MrCute


    I'm game as long as people stop disrespecting the autonomy of minefield. I lay claim to the Falklands and surrounding seabases. The Minefield shall rise again.
  14. MrCute


    StumbleUpon = what the internet should have always been.