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  1. And that this can happen even in a commercial environment....I think you've hit on something huge there, because, personally, I believe relationships are the building blocks of life. I am a Christian, and my faith tells me that God not only came to reconcile us to Himself but to each other. Why? Because our greatest potential comes not from resources locked in our environment but within the ones locked in the organic context born of genuine and healthy relationships. As a matter of fact, the challenge is often to guard such relationships even in the midst of hostile and volatile circumstances. It's not so much about hate as people make it out to be......it's more about apathy and narcissism and just plain fear of the unknown. I know that's pretty abstract stuff, but I firmly believe that any path forward begins with a proper perspective.
  2. http://www.ted.com/talks/mia_birdsong_the_story_we_tell_about_poverty_isn_t_true This is a topic that is very close to my heart. I do disagree that poor people are never broken.....to state that is to deny the powerful psychological effects that comes from generational cycles of poverty. There are habits and practices that CAN either make you richer or poorer. HOWEVER, her main point is by far the biggest takeaway....that there is so much potential and inertia locked inside so--called "marginalized communities".....and any long-term solution to poverty has to start there.
  3. tony2456

    NADC Quote Database

    BUMP Seriously.....6 years on this forum and we only have 4 pages of quotes to show for them??
  4. tony2456

    Hey from Polaris

    Nice to have another JROTC peep here Army, yes?
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    Wow, I've been compared to Charlie Sheen. >.>
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    I notice there's a distinct lack of tiger quotes these days........I demand an explanation.....
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    Member Pictures

    o/ Lonzomac and Dee Dub! That first pic of DW reminds me of Jonah Hill.
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    NADC Quote Database

    lest I should be mistaken for a drug-riddled sociopath....
  9. tony2456

    Postcard exchange

    I am up for this!
  10. tony2456

    NADC Quote Database

    [18:44] Dude, do you actually spell out my name each time? [18:44] [18:44] no [18:44] Not you. [18:44] Zygon1[NADC] [18:44] [18:44] [18:44] Maybe [18:44] lol [18:44] lol [18:44] au then tab [18:45] Saves you time. [18:45] [18:45] omg [18:45] Zygon1[NADC] [18:45] you poor wretch lolol [18:45] i know xD i just like spelling it out [18:45] eh [18:45] Oh well, in that case ... [18:45] i fail everytime but ya know [18:45] * Aurelius[NADC] is now known as Deoxyribonucleicacid[NADC] [18:45] Knock yourself out. [18:45] x.x [18:46] DNA[NADC] [18:46] LOL [18:46] I got owned. [18:46] * Deoxyribonucleicacid[NADC] is now known as Aurelius[NADC]
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    Looking for a new computer

    My brother is a tech geek and he's built two, top-of-the-line gaming computers, so I took the liberty of enlisting his assistance. This is what he asked. "1. Is a mobile platform necessary? If yes, 2. Does he require a Mac OS? 3. Does he have time to hold out so I can look for stuff (probably around Friday night)? .... in short there are many other options that are much better for the money"
  12. tony2456

    ZOMDZ.....ancient IPads.

    http://www.livescience.com/45741-byzantine-ipad-found-in-ancient-shipwreck.html It's actually not all that complex, but ingenious indeed. As one of the commenters stated, "The arts and crafts and devices of the ancient world have all but perished. Their reputed intricacies and fabulous design dismissed as fantasy. Before mass production, articles of everyday use were carefully crafted by hand. If we could have but one brief glimpse into the past, how astonished we would be by the ingenuity of our ancestors."