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  1. Scotia the Brave

    TemplarAssassin Application

    how did you find us? why did you choose us?
  2. Scotia the Brave

    BoSox Nation Re-Application

    for any newer members, BoSox's a former Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Finance Minister and many other roles of this alliance
  3. Scotia the Brave

    BoSox Nation Re-Application

    BoSox- your timezone is USA Eastern. céad míle fáilte
  4. Scotia the Brave

    Weekly NFL Predictions

    Week 4 Predictions: Miami @ Cincinnati Indianapolis @ Jacksonville Tennessee @ Houston Cleveland @ Washington Seattle @ New York Jets Buffalo @ New England Carolina @ Atlanta Oakland @ Baltimore Detroit @ Chicago Denver @ Tampa Bay Los Angeles @ Arizona New Orleans @ San Diego Dallas @ San Francisco Kansas City @ Pittsburgh New York Giants @ Minnesota
  5. Scotia the Brave

    NADC Quote Database

    we need more tony2456 in here
  6. Scotia the Brave

    Poll of the Week 7/15/15

    I missed it If you want to help feel free All help is welcome! is that a sad face or a mad 1? ...i was cracking a joke...
  7. Scotia the Brave

    Poll of the Week 7/15/15

    there should be an option in the poll titled "None. I'm not a nerd." LOL
  8. Scotia the Brave

    4th of July

    VIA Trains 15/63.
  9. Scotia the Brave

    Hello From Polaris! - Mask Request

    hey. nice to see you here.
  10. Scotia the Brave


    I demand a formal NADC Assembly Special Hearing into tony2456's disappearance and inactivity lately.
  11. Scotia the Brave


    you haven't been on IRC to stir the pot lately. lol
  12. Scotia the Brave

    Music Quote Time With Byob123

    "I spent my whole life, out there on the sea, some government bastard now takes it from me..." - Great Big Sea
  13. Scotia the Brave

    evening, motherfuckers

    Frankdolf/Medici/Fester (infiltration all the way to deputy minister)/Baron Flynt.... all expelled as far as I remember. am i forgetting any aliases?
  14. Scotia the Brave

    evening, motherfuckers

    you've been expelled way too many times lol plus you've also alliance-hopped way too much for those reasons i don't think you qualify...
  15. Scotia the Brave

    Wondering how everyone is doing?

    hey! great to see you!