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  1. thor gold

    The "Would You Rather" Game

    Blonde. Redheads stand out too much. Would you rather go out in public with no pants or nothing but pants?
  2. thor gold

    First Thing

  3. thor gold

    Who Will Post Next?

    Indeed. C2?
  4. thor gold

    Why Didn't The Sinner Above You Get Raptured?

    Mandystalin wasn't raptured for failing to enjoy the wonder of storytelling.
  5. thor gold

    First Thing

  6. thor gold

    Who Will Post Next?

    *Bzzzzt* C2Talon.
  7. thor gold

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for rhyming.
  8. thor gold

    True or False

    True. And I am ashamed. Next poster built the computer they're using.
  9. thor gold

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for cross-argumentation.
  10. thor gold


    Granted; too bad you've gone blind from staring at a monitor. I wish that the discoloration on my monitor would go away.
  11. thor gold

    The "Would You Rather" Game

    Move. I'm not a neighborly guy, and I like the variety. Would you rather fight a carnivorous squirrel or an angry cat?
  12. thor gold

    First Thing

  13. thor gold

    True or False

    False. Use requires knowledge of its existence or necessity of its function. Next poster has had waffles this week.