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  1. Paulstartrek

    Poll of the Week 9/15/15

    I do not think we will see a fall of the EU or that it will need changes to survive. It is just some events they did not forsee and new rules will be implemented perhaps. Mostly the EU will say lets divide these people among the members and we will see what kind of problems arise along the way.
  2. Paulstartrek

    Windows 10

    Just upgraded a win 7 machine at work. Looks nice, especially if upgrading from win 7. (I skipped the whole win 8 thing)
  3. Paulstartrek

    Poll of the Week 7/15/15

    Thanks. I did catch parts of the E3 earlier, but i did not see as much comic con. I will watch up on the links you provided thanks
  4. Paulstartrek

    Poll of the Week 7/15/15

    I want to quote tank here too. As non-american I kinda missed it.
  5. Paulstartrek

    Fallout 4

    My only dilemma is do i go for the standard or the pipboy edition
  6. Paulstartrek

    4th of July

    considering we are a international coalition I can safely say that a few people reading this did not have any holiday
  7. Paulstartrek


    Are you buying or leasing? I am too searching the cars available as my leasecontract is due for renewal next month.
  8. Paulstartrek

    'Allo 'Allo

    My first secgen It is an honor to see you again.
  9. Paulstartrek

    Robin Williams

    Although he had only a minor role in the night at the museum films, I thought he really pulled that part and gave it quite an impact. I always found it amazing that people were able to do this. I always wonder why he was depressed when you are that famous and so much people admire your work. The show crazy ones is good too, I was surprised it was cancelled after only 1 season.
  10. Paulstartrek

    Essential Poll- Need Help, Please Respond!

    B or C
  11. Paulstartrek

    New signature tags for NADC officials

    You advisors don't need a sig. Everybody knows who you are.
  12. Paulstartrek

    Postcard exchange

    Ow I like this. I love to get postcards, sending too, It is a nice way to see some more of the world (provided they send typical cards of their hometown/country). And the stamps can be collected too. Postcards also don't cost that much stamps too.
  13. Paulstartrek

    Kharn's Gaming Corner

    Hardcore pc gamer here. Not must time though xD I currently play Diablo III after 'finishing' Skyrim
  14. Paulstartrek

    7 years

    You did have had some bad luck on the way though as you still lack some more larger wonders. That means you devoted your nation to the alliance. For that i salute you
  15. Paulstartrek


    I have ingress, unfortunately there are almost no nodes close to where i live. There are some in the city nearby but I dont go there often xD