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  1. Fizzex

    Welcome to the AMGC!

    I keep backups of everything on an external, plus my photobucket, so all yall have to do is PM me for something. I *do* get alert emails
  2. Fizzex

    Pretty Interesting Thing About Europe

    Right now the situation is akin to that of waves Irish/Italian immigrants to coming to America during the major influxes we had. They're going to put a strain on local resources, they're going to be separate for a while but they'll slowly assimilate in and begin productive lives. It's just going to be a rough start.
  3. It would be divide and conquer if there were a plan to actually conquer but modern politicians are set on just outdoing their competition to get a bigger title and paycheck. They're comfortable just dividing people to take away the majority of votes from someone else without any actual endgoal, which I can't decide what's more evil at this point - actually having a goal to take over the world or just mindlessly create chaos for the sake of very little personal gain.
  4. Fizzex

    What are you listening to right now?

  5. Fizzex

    Holy Church of Cookienism

    I was wondering what happened to this after the OW forum
  6. Fizzex

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

    That would be a pink floyd music video Aurelius
  7. Fizzex


    Brits >_>
  8. Fizzex


    The iApp. Anyone play? Fizzex on Kakao LordBregan in-game
  9. Fizzex

    Kony 2012?

    http://c2052482.r82.cf0.rackcdn.com/images/737/original/FY11-Audited%20Financial%20Statements.pdf?1320205055 If you want the direct link to their public financial report which as a charitable organization they are required to release. While certainly most of their expenses aren't administrative, much of it goes towards advertising (specifically travel, film and production costs) and this is all self-audited so is very likely to be fudged. More to the issue of Kony himself, the LRA and himself are no longer operational within Uganda and haven't been for years. As was stated before, he no longer abducts children for his militia and never did to the scale that Invisible Children would portray. Invisible Children also actively supports and funds the SPLA/UPDF (Sudan's Peoples Liberation Army) - an army that is just as bad as the LRA in terms of how they treat the citizens in their country and the surrounding area.
  10. Fizzex

    Steam Accounts

    Lol, my roommate was wanting to buy Civ V today because he knows I have it (had it on preorder on steam) and wanted to get a game going.
  11. Fizzex

    What I Really Do

    So, as of late, I've been scrounging for as many hours as I can get at work. Of course, spending this much time at work has left me feeling a bit...dead. For fun I decided to take part in this ongoing meme-fest. So, let's see what you actually do.
  12. Fizzex

    How did you find CN?

    I head read Jennifer Government and ended up joining NationStates. At the same time, I was a member of The One Ring (TORC) - a Lord of the Rings online community and was friends with several people from there on Myspace. One member I knew had a link to CN on her page and I'd seen it mentioned several times on NS so I decided to create a nation. Doing a little research on the CN forums, I chose the newly formed NADC to join.
  13. Fizzex


    I work for a living. What's breakfast? I just get lunches.
  14. Fizzex

    Holy $%&#

    The problem is that this assumes that everyone has the same opportunities open to them and that everyone lives the same lives.
  15. Fizzex

    Is Aloysius awesome?