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  1. Ayleid are okay. I just find Dwemer lore and their remnants more enjoyable.


    That, and I did not like Oblivion as much as I did Daggerfall, Morrowind, or Skyrim. I probably could have liked Ayleid a bit more than I do if I liked Oblivion as it was released, but I just could not get into the game without having to download or make mods that fixed huge deal-breaking annoyances.

  2. But I was going to vote for Tank--just because I was told not to. Now I cannot even fulfill my lifelong dream that I only realised days ago.


    Nor will I know when the next war ends so I can reactivate my nation and send aid again. Oh well, I guess the primary reason I temporarily reactivated the last time ends up being the trigger which ends up causing me to never reactivate again.

  3. Speaking of which, normal forum user permissions are pretty lame. They cannot edit their own posts, use the search function, or see the shout box. I am guessing that if not for being able to post, being a normal forum user is no different from not logging in.