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    Gorgeous Women

    Now that I have your attention... Welcome to the "Gorgeous Women" thread! This is the thread were we post all the pictures of women who are absolutely gorgeous! A couple rules: 1.) No nudity. I really don't feel like dealing with everyone who can't handle a little nipple here or there. 2.) Keep it tasteful. To get us started, I'll post a picture of my celebrity crush, Alison Brie!
  2. Koniac

    NADC Steam

  3. Koniac

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    A little off-topic, but I thought it was funny when they were considering Zimmerman white. He's clearly hispanic.
  4. Koniac

    QnA with Alex, Sean and Turd

    I'll take Anal Bum Cover for 300!
  5. Koniac

    QnA with Alex, Sean and Turd

    That's not what your mother said as I cracked open a cold one last night, HA HA HA.
  6. Koniac

    QnA with Alex, Sean and Turd

    Hey Trebek, your mother said to tell you hello.
  7. Koniac

    Can we discriminate on weight

    My question is, what's classified as "healthy"? Simply not having disease? If so, then yes, they are healthy. But if they're not "healthy" enough to walk up a flight of stairs without being winded or go walking through a store without hurting because they're putting too much strain on their body, then yes, I can discriminate. And personally, I will. It's fine to have a little fat on you (I have a gut, which personally I am trying to work off, but I'm not calling myself fat because of it), but when more than 50% of your body weight is fat, that is NOT okay. I understand that you may have an issue (thyroid, for example) that makes you swell up like a balloon, but if you don't and you're 5'4" and eat ~6000 calories a day without exercise, then I have every right to call you a fat-ass. Don't like it? Do something about it. EDIT - And I guess I should talk about the hospital point. If you're going to break the equipment, you shouldn't be allowed on it. Plain and simple. Just like if the weight limit on an elevator is 600 pounds, don't test it. It's going to be your fault when you get stuck because you were too lazy to walk up a flight of stairs. EDIT 2 - And this is why I call myself the superficial gentleman >_>
  8. Koniac

    legalizing of weed

    I'm all for letting people smoke it, just don't let them drive or do anything that can put people in serious risk.
  9. Koniac

    Announcement & Party

    But that'll leave just one superficial gentleman in the NADC! What am I supposed to do by myself?
  10. Koniac

    Childhood Cartoon/Anime

    Dragon Ball Z. /thread. Just kidding. Yu Yu Hakusho. NOW /thread.
  11. Koniac

    NADC Quote Database

    I thought it was funny...
  12. I'll start us off by posting a metric crapton of food that I've made throughout culinary school:
  13. And by the way, you realize that cheese = mold, right?
  14. Not a fan of mushrooms? I love mushrooms D:
  15. And what does Koniac do in his free time? Why, this is what he does: Chicken Marsala, for those wondering.
  16. That's exactly what I did. I made 40 of them, and not everyone ate theirs. So, they got brought back at the end of the event and we had about 10 that we had to do something with or else throw away...
  17. And this is how I spent the other day at work!
  18. And I just had to make 40 of those for an event at work the other day, too haha. Anyways, allow me to share my Easter dinner with you all! To start us off, I have for you an Apple Cranberry Spring Salad with an American Cider Vinaigrette. You can't really see in this picture, but there are dried cranberries and julienned granny smith apples. Moving on to the main course, we have slices of Spiral Ham accompanied by Mashed Redskin Potatoes and Glazed Turnips and Carrots. And now, for dessert! Here we have a nice, simple, deliciously sweet Strawberry Shortbread!
  19. Koniac


    Relentless Episode 5 has been released! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46hkoaowJjM
  20. Koniac


    A person is taken prisoner and forced to fight his way through opponent after opponent in order to survive. The odds are stacked against him and yet he still persists. The man's nickname is Mute. Word of warning, there is foul language so if it really bugs you that much or you're not in a place to have that playing, mute it and watch it for the fighting . Oh, and before this comes up: I'm a stunt guy in episodes 2 and 4 (and 5, when it's released) and I help film and choreograph. I'm not the director or anything . Episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_TRr4hsJ_0&context=C471dc8fADvjVQa1PpcFM9TYuzDJATlLJ-o_p1H8D0TbRiylrrIbs= Episode 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBDTeAFjk7M&feature=context&context=C471dc8fADvjVQa1PpcFM9TYuzDJATlLJ-o_p1H8D0TbRiylrrIbs= Episode 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOCqWjOS3XY&feature=relmfu
  21. Koniac

    What are some of your favourite songs?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRcA7yi872c Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jLMseOfbUs Hindsight - Tiny Danza http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXzuDXZwZtI Pardon Me - Incubus Tank beat me to Ghost of Perdition.
  22. Koniac

    Sexay MALE Topic

    Matt Bomer
  23. Koniac

    Gorgeous Women

    Athlete Edition Julia Mancuso, Alpine Skiing Malia Jones, Surfing Gretchen Bleiler, Halfpipe Snowboarding