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  1. Rivereye


    They were even the favored team coming into the series. They just happened to fall down 3-1 before winning 3 straight. Though, after reading Moneyball a few years ago, things like that make sense. At the MLB level, the difference in skill between the worst and best team is 5 runs per game. Luck can have an effect of 8 runs per game. In a season, luck evens out, but in a 5 or 7 game series, it can have a major effect. Enough of that though, Fly the W!
  2. Rivereye

    Member Pictures

    Myself up on Lake Huron with the Mackinac Bridge in the background in the middle of long day snowmobiling.
  3. Rivereye


    Realize though that Ford used to own Aston, as such they really were not copying the look, just using one they already had and liked, so why not make it work elsewhere if appropriate? As for current drivers, I currently own a '95 Ford Mustang Convertible that is my primary driver as well as a 2000 Toyota Tundra that is my winter and towing vehicle. I will likely replace the Mustang in a few years though after I graduate college and get some cash settled in, and am honestly thinking of purchasing something European made to replace it (though, my car opinion may be a bit skewed lately because I have become a fan of Top Gear recently).
  4. Rivereye


    I might pop on every so often to see what you are building, but I am on a different towny server that I tend to spend more of my time on.
  5. Rivereye

    New signature tags for NADC officials

    They do look awesome, just need one for us advisors, *wink*.
  6. Rivereye

    Help me

    Yeah, 3.5 years later...
  7. Rivereye

    Help me

    I carry a 17" laptop around campus quite a bit. It can be heavy, but for me, the extra power and screen real-estate I have on my machine is well worth it. That is a heck of a machine, if it wasn't sold out, I would consider it to replace mine that is starting to go.
  8. Rivereye

    To infinity and beyond.....

  9. Rivereye

    Wait, who is this?

    You know, I keep hearing that, and yet...
  10. Rivereye

    Wait, who is this?

    Just swinging in to say hi. I am back in Cybernations, though I have decided to not return to NADC at this time. I am currently a member of Echelon. Those of you who hang out on IRC, I will see you guys there from time to time. Others, who knows.