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    CUBS WIN 108 years worth the wait
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    Word Association

  3. sojourner

    Clown Sightings

    Well there goes my idea as dressing as a clown for Halloween!!!!!!!
  4. sojourner

    Debate 2016

    This has been one crazy election cycle. We are left with a sociopath with absolutely no knowledge of how to run this country (except into the ground) and a sociopath who knows how to run this country but will she. The Republicans have a lot of soul searching and reorganization to become anything but a laughable portion of what they were once. This is definitely a time to find and create a credible 3rd and even 4th party. This country as a democracy should not be duped into a 2 party system ever again.
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    True or False

    well maybe when I was drunk TNP goes to the gym
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    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    ok then I win
  7. sojourner

    Ban the Person Above you

    banned for not knowing that everything mandy says is serious
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    Who Will Post Next?

    nah someone who likes exersize
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    Word Association

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    Animal Game

    I love Narwhal!!!!!! MANDY YOU KNEW THAT llama
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    Who Will Post Next?

    a what someone who has an allergy
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    Word Association

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    Ban the Person Above you

    banned for having 2 names
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    R&R Members sign in here!

    [b]Nation Ruler:[/b] sojourner [b]Nation Name:[/b] Logos [b]Nation Link:[/b]http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=269002 [b]Current Team Color:[/b] orange [b]Native Resources:[/b]pigs and uranium [b]Nation Strength:[/b]130533.82 ]Real Life country that you live in?[/b]US [b]What time zone are you in?[/b]EST [b]Do you understand that NADC members and applicants are not allowed to declare war without authorization and do you agree to abide by this rule?[/b]yes [b][i]Compulsory Pledge[/i][/b] [i]I hereby agree to sign the NADC charter. By signing the charter, I pledge to uphold and defend its ideals, principles, and guidelines by serving in the NADC as loyal member to the Assembly and its officials.[/i] -(ruler name) of (nation name) sojourner of Logos
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    The Geography Game

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    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    no its soj Aurelius
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    Holy Church of Cookienism

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    Who Will Post Next?

    I love a good nap! someone who drinks coffee
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    Ban the Person Above you

    banned for being so critical
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    Word Association

  21. sojourner

    Animal Game

  22. sojourner

    Star Wars The Force Awakens

  23. sojourner

    The Geography Game

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    The Last Republic

    Thanks for the welcome and dusting off our embassy. no I spent my first couple years in IRON Glad to be here to get to know you guys better. I have talked with Tia on a number of occasions and I enjoyed our conversations. If you have any questions I'll make a thread in our embassy.