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  1. Samish

    Essential Poll- Need Help, Please Respond!

    No offense
  2. Samish

    Essential Poll- Need Help, Please Respond!

    if you are not Native American, I would ask you not to use B. Thanks, Samish
  3. Samish

    Postcard exchange

    I am willing to do this as well.
  4. Samish

    First Nations Rights

    First of all, not all Native American Tribes (USA), or First Nations Bands (In Canada) were conquered. The Tribe I belong to is the Samish Indian Nation; we signed a treaty giving up land to settlers in return for certain provisions. Some of them being the right to fish in our traditional territories, hunt on open lands, access to free health care, and access to free education, as well as some land set aside for them to live as they see fit. Not all tribes got land, mine is one of them My ancestors decided this was better then trying to fight and maybe be destroyed in the process. The US government also felt is was better to have a treaty then to fight the Natives. There were far more treaty's then there were battles. Some tribes fought and lost, but also signed peace treaties that included health care, education and land. These treaties were negotiated by representatives of the US government and ratified by Congress. They did not have time limits as to how long the treaties needed to be honored, and in fact some had a clause that said as long as the wind blows and the grass grows this treaty shall be valid. (I paraphrased a little there). So, while I don't believe in special treatment, I do believe that governments have to live up to the agreements they make.
  5. Samish

    New landscaping ideas

    You can look at Gaddafi's compound if you need any tips on proper crater placement.
  6. Samish

    My Thoughts on the NZ EQ

    Legend, I was just wondering if you are Māori? Samish
  7. I think we need to have better training on tech deals as well. I have some very reliable, awesome tech partners, however, sometimes when I look at their nations I see they have more then 50 tech on hand. This means they are paying to much for tech and are not making the huge profits they could make (like I did when i was a tech seller) I pay 3 mil for 50 tech (for alliance members) because I can afford it and those are the kind of deals I got when I joined this alliance. If all of the smaller players realized the growth potential they could get from 6-9 months (or longer) of steady tech deals I think more would be inclined to do the deals, even at 100 tech/3 mil they make a large amount of cash. I know there is a thread that has all of the specifics for doing a tech deal, but some people do not have the time or knowledge on how to find that particular thread. maybe we can email to new members, or send it to them in game, or at least send a link. Maybe that is part of the deal when you apply for membership, they have to read and aknowledge they read the charter, the tech deals, the war manual, etc before becoming full members. I don't kow what the solution is, that's just my 2¢. Samish