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  1. Orville Reginbacher

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope, Chuck Testa again. Let Zygons be Zygons./
  2. Orville Reginbacher

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope, Chuck Testa. oddsox.
  3. Orville Reginbacher

    After the Washington Redskins Matter, Should Chief Wahoo Go?

    Just to be clear, the Redskins thing has been in the work for some time now, well before ISIS began its current surge. While I do believe we have "Wag the Dog" scenarios in modern politics (like the IRS email deletion), this isn't one of them. Depending on where you are, some racial minorities still get a raw deal. I'm a lawyer, and I got to know one person who, when she started working for a company, was the only black employee there, out of 30, in a diverse area, and no special degree or training was required. Daily there would be other employees singing slave songs as they walked by her location, supervisors would punish her for alleged violations while leaving white employees alone. This even though she was the best performing employee of this company, nationally (we had proof, i.e. an award from the company for this). She reported the discrimination, and was fired less than two weeks later, just after receiving the national award. You stand up to it, and you get punished by some folks for doing so. When oppressed peoples stand up to it, they are criticized for whining, or being too soft, or having no sense of humor, or being a complainer and insubordinate. I won't comment about you being a Steelers fan because I read the debate rules and couldn't do so within the confines of the rules. :-P Needless to say, my money is on the Browns winning the opening game. I could see a distinction between Redskins and Chief Wahoo. Maybe Redskins, as a name, is more akin to using a racial slur, because it is a racial slur, while Chief Wahoo is just a caricature, which has always been a kind of humor, less mean spirited. It would be inappropriate for some professional sports team in San Francisco being called the "Chinamen," or Detroit Tigers being the Detroit [insert your slur here] (either due to a high arab population in Dearborn, MI or large amount of african americans living in Detroit). I would put Redksins on the same footing as a slur. Chief Wahoo on the other hand is a character, like Mickey Mouse, that has never been meanspirited or slur-related thing. At the same time, people are offended, and do we really need it? I say no, we don't.
  4. Recently it was announced that the US Patent Office cancelled the Washington Redskins' (an American football, not soccer, team) because the term Redskins was offensive to Native Americans. The term Redskin is a racially/color related term that is usually disparaging, and used to describe Native Americans. Source There are strong feels on both sides, making some ask whether we are becoming too politically correct, what the role of tradition and the free market should be, and whether we should care whether we offend someone else or not. In Cleveland, Ohio, USA, where I live, we have a baseball team called the Indians, and our mascot has always been Chief Wahoo. Here is what the Logo looks like today: IMAGE (because it won't let me post it) The large sign on the left is now gone from the field, but the mascot on the right still remains. This is a largely stereotypical depiction of a Native American. Some say it is not that much different from these images, which are almost universally considered to be unquestionably offensive: Black Cartoon Image Japanese Cartoon Image Black Cartoon Image 2 So, the question is, should Chief Wahoo go. I'd say yes. There is, practically, no logical difference between Chief Wahoo's stereotypical characteristics and those of other cartoons and images that are considered to be highly offensive and, ultimately, racist. The only real argument I have been hearing from others is that it is "tradition" and we shouldn't change "tradition." If "tradition" were a good enough reason in and of itself to keep something around, then fraternities should still haze, we could still encourage slavery in America, and black people would still be considered 3/5ths of a person as they were originally considered under the United States Constitution, because changing those things would be taboo or would harm tradition. Tradition, in and of itself, is not a valid reason to maintain the status quo, and it is not an inherently good thing. I have also heard opponents say "the native americans don't really care, they aren't out there protesting all the time." Two things. First, some of them are out there protesting at the games. Second, we as a country did our best to kill most Native Americans off and push the remaining population into small reservations far away from Cleveland, Ohio. That may have some impact on that. However, doing something simple--getting rid of Chief Wahoo so as to not to offend a group of people that we have practically killed off with guns, alcohol, wars, and small pox blankets, and who we forced to relocate to small reservations in the Western US where no one really wants to live--that is an inherently good thing. It will be appreciated by a large portion of the Native American community, and it will teach out children a valuable lesson in the future--yes you have free speech, but your speech can be very harmful and can hurt people, and you should understand circumstances that surround something before you talk, draw, etc. about it. There is something inherently good about understanding, compassion, and respect. There is nothing inherently good about Chief Wahoo, tradition, or racial stereotypes. Thoughts?
  5. Orville Reginbacher

    I can't believe it's not a NPO Mask Request (It's NpO)

    I can't believe it's not buttered popcorn. Whatever happened to the old forums? I used to have a ton of posts and now I only have 1 (or 2 now)
  6. Alliance Initials: NpO Alliance full name: New Polar Order Alliance team color: Blue Number of members: ~273 Forum link: polarorder.net Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=548828 Nation name (if different from forum name): Lawyeria IRC channel: #polaris Position in Alliance: Diplomat / Sergeant / (Yellow Team Senator Tournament Edition NDO) Embassy Requested (yes/no): Yes, if we don't have one but I think we do. Are there any other assigned Ambassadors here from your alliance? Yes, Minister of Truth. If yes, do they need to be demasked? No