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  1. Haart

    True or False

    The idea is to make a prediction about the next poster. The next person replies with either "True" or "False" and then predict the next poster. For example: The next poster has a dog. False. The next poster wears glasses. True. The next poster loves cake. So I start: The next poster has not posted here before.
  2. Haart


    You are insinuating that you think mr Trump is a perfectly sane person? Now that's the biggest denial I've encountered in a very long time. You don't need to be psychologist to tell that he isn't, but several of them have as well stated the same. I wonder what's next, denying that you have two hands? You evaded the question. I didn't ask how you'd react to outsiders' opinion about the president, I asked how you'd feel if someone called you something you are not, and I used "psychopath" as an example. I have a thick skin, I could care less but I support your right to express yourself and your views however you'd want. Okay, but that's just you and Zygon. The majority would not be so indulgent, no matter how you try to convince anyone it's the opposite. There are certain limitations to freedom of speech, and incitement to racial hatred is one of them. As a common person I would probably get away with it in my current location, but not if I as a politician speak or write something offensive in a public place. The people I mentioned were punished by a fine or a short prison sentence, depending on the seriousness of their crime. In the USA you would probably win such a case if you have enough money to pay a good lawyer - if it even gets that far - but in most European courts that wouldn't work. Legally right and morally right - two different things last time I checked. 11/10 that you've taken it too seriously. Learn to laugh 99% of the people may be good but whats the point if you aren't screening and checking for the 1% that are terrorists before they are able to enter into your borders. I'm pretty sure that the people don't have a label on them saying if they are terrorists or not. Spotting terrorists is not like finding weed in the garden.
  3. Haart


    Several members of the xenophobic party here have been sentenced for similar statements. In the court their excuse is that it's a freedom of speech or that it was just a joke, but so far it hasn't helped them to win the case. Would you Yanks be okay if I said that you are psychopaths just because your president is one?
  4. Haart

    The Geography Game

    The game is simple. You need to reply to the previous poster with a place that starts with the same letter as the last one ends with. So if I say Spain for example, the next person can reply with New York. I start with Mount Everest.
  5. Haart

    Rio 2016!

    I think that is a bit harsh, not everyone participating in sports is doping. All participants are a potential match to doping. During the games you can't be sure who has been taken illegal drugs and who hasn't, so I have to assume that everyone is guilty. After all, there are always participants who are guilty and many of them still don't get caught. Doping is a problem only because the organizers do not take it seriously; the ones who get caught for doping should be punished and people should be deterred from even trying illegal substances.
  6. Haart

    Rio 2016!

    I don't watch any kind of sports anymore since there are only doped people participating, and I'm not interested in seing cowards. As for the medals, I only see one correct way to count them; 3 points for each gold medal, 2 points for each silver and 1 point for each bronze. Naturally countries with a large population usually have potential to get many medals, so if you want to be even more accurate you should divide the total points with the population of that country.
  7. Haart

    TTK diplomat

    He's in house arrest. You know, just in case the SecGen thinks he can boss everyone around.
  8. Haart

    European Union Brexit

    Although I don't have any warm feelings for the EU, I understand that you can't leave in an instant just because that's want the people want. The economy will no doubt take a hit, so it is essential that you try to minimize the bad effects and overall be well prepared for the actual withdrawal. Also, even though my country in its whole is part of the EU, the Åland Islands are not, so all parts of Britain don't need to exit either if the people in that certain region want to stay. That is to say if the politicians respect the outcome of the vote - the election was still "only" an advisory one - so the politicians are not forced to go through with it. I am not familar with British politicians, but in my country politicians can't be trusted.
  9. Haart

    European Union Brexit

    A very good summary, CM. As a U.S. citizen I'm a firm believer in our Tenth Amendment (states rights) and I prefer less federal involvement (unless it's national security) so I can't even imagine having to answer so often to a separate entity that at times supersedes our own nations laws and will. I understand that as an American, I have a different perspective. Like I said, this will no doubt have negative economic effects at least in the short-term for the UK. Those are good examples of what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter whether you think in the consumer sense or professionally, there are several ridiculous laws and regulations which in some way hinder you from doing what would be completely normal and acceptable anywhere else in the world. Banning the selling of straight bananas and curved cucumbers in the shops makes no sense either - another of the "great" ideas from the EU (luckily you can buy them from market places though). The decisions from Brussels are naturally enforced by the national authorities, and that has resulted in more bureaucracy. As an example, Finland is today the most bureaucratic country in the EU when it comes to dealing with agricultural matters. Whatever everyone think about the EU, it's still a spoilt child who thinks everything has to revolve around his thoughts. In order to be a grown-up, he still needs to realize that there are boundaries and rules that he can't or shouldn't try to change on his own.
  10. Haart

    European Union Brexit

    Normally I don't discuss politics because I don't want to be reminded about those scumbags calling themselves politicians, but I'll make an exception this time. It is evident that most of you non-Europeans don't know enough about the EU, so I will explain how it is to be a member of the group. For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm a farmer so I live and work in a rural area. Being a farmer in the EU means that you are not allowed to get fully paid for your crops, so instead you receive financial aid which continuously decreases by every year. In order to receive the aid though, you have to comply with lots of regulations and fill all the applications correctly and in time every year. I'm not going to bother you with details about the regulations, but suffice it to say that they are becoming more absurd every period (which normally lasts 5 years). But that's not all. There are age limits for some grants (18, 40, 65, 68) as well as age limits for when you are allowed to buy more land (55). I think some of these limits have now been abolished, but not all of them. Furthermore, some useful pesticides are forbidden. They claim that the chemicals are harmful for the pollinators, although several studies have shown that it's not the case. The member countries can be excepted from the prohibition - as Finland - but you have to ask for an exception every year. There are probably more obstacles that I can't think of right now, but the important thing to remember is that the agricultural policy is union-wide, so all farmers in the EU are affected. I do not know why a slight majority of the Brits voted the way they did, but I suspect they have similar difficulties as we farmers have and can understand them. Before you judge the British voters too harshly, ask yourself: would you want to live every day being constantly harrassed by (foreign) authorities (who doesn't know a thing about your profession) and treated like a third class citizen? If you answer yes to that, then you should definitely consider becoming a farmer in the EU, because that's how things are here. The economy in Britain will probably drop short-term, but at least now they are now longer a puppet of the Brussels mafia and can create their own future. This is also just the beginning; more countries will follow Britain's example. The EU is supposed to be like a twin to the USA, but in reality it's not. It's not a federal state, although there have been talks about that too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the US you treat every "state" differently as they all have their own laws and regulations while in the EU the same thing basically apply to all members. As the EU does not at all take national differences into consideration, it is obvious that the union will not survive for long. We do not share the same ethnicity, profession, religion, language, population density, topography, economy, military etc. The only thing we have in common is that we all live on the same continent, and that seems to be all that matters to politicians. The EU is an economic union, not a military one, so I guess you are thinking about the NATO. As far as I know, Britain is still part of NATO, so there are no changes there. And there is the problem; you try to change things, but it fails because it concerns all members and the majority is against the change. So again, treat every country as a country and not as part of a greater political entity. The politicians' illusions should be no more than just that - illusions. If Britain has trouble making changes in the EU, then you can imagine how hard it is for a country of Finland's size to make its voice heard. When Finland joined the EU in 1995 there were 100,000 farms in the country, but 2015 they were down to 50,000. Joining the EU was a catastrophe for the farmers - a catastrophe that still exists today. Noone wants to carry on a desctructive path forever, and understandably the Brits decided that they've had enough.
  11. Haart

    File association

    Some of my folders in Windows Vista can no longer be opened because the system claims that they no longer have a file association. I downloaded a fix from Microsoft but it didn't help, so does anyone have an idea how I can get back my folders?
  12. Haart

    File association

    Well, apparently some measures must have lead to something, because now I was able to open three more "files" with WinRAR. That means there are only two left that I can't open nor access their contents, no matter what I'm trying to open them with. There are only installation files in that directory, so the file on the hard drive that I can't open should have at least an .exe file in it. When I try to open the two remaining folders with WinRAR I receive no error messages, but the "text" I get is unreadable. I'm able to distinguish "a memory leak has occurred" though, so perhaps that's what caused all this? I've tried several recovery softwares to access the files in the folders, but since they are only labelled as files I still can't open them at all. It looks to me that the remaining folders and their contents are so damaged that I can't retrieve the info, so I guess I just have to accept that they are gone. Fortunately it wasn't critical to get the content, it could have been worse.
  13. Haart

    File association

    I followed your instructions. When the scan was completed I was notified that some problems had been fixed, but I couldn't open the logs. In any case, I was still not able to open the folders, not even after a restart and trying another user account. There are six affected folders; five of them are downloaded files in the same subfolder on the hard drive and the sixth one on the external drive is a backup copy of a professional program I'm using. One of the files is labelled "V-file" and I was actually able to open it using WinRAR, so it was probably a compressed file before the file association was lost. The other five are simply marked as "files" and should be folders. I also tried opening the affected folder on the USB drive on my laptop, but failed there as well. I did a complete virus scan just in case, but apparently the program didn't find any infected files on the computer.
  14. Haart

    File association

    I did, it didn't do anything as far as I can see. I'm guessing that normally when users have a file association problem it usually affects all files of a certain type, but for me it's just 6-7 of them and they all happen(ed) to be folders. It also means that I can't manually select a file association, since folders don't have a file extension. It might even be that file association itself is not the actual problem, but I can only guess. System restore will not help either, because this must have happened a long time ago.
  15. Haart

    Hey look another one

    "Welcome to the Land of Shootings" The saloons may be gone, but the wild west-mentality still remains.
  16. Haart

    Best Historical Event

    Most of those events are so recent that they barely pass as history I don't have a favourite, but the thumb rule is the older, the more interesting it is.
  17. Haart

    Iranian Nuclear Deal: Good or Bad?

    Indifferent, as long as other nations are in possesion of nuclear weapons.
  18. Haart

    Who Will Post Next?

    Surprise. Sir Price.
  19. Haart

    Stuff that makes me lol

    Conan the Barbarian.
  20. Haart

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    I stepped in something. Or on someone, it's hard to see.
  21. Haart

    'Allo 'Allo

    My memory is overall not good, but I remember you. That must mean something?
  22. Haart

    NADC Quote Database

    Tony probably eats GMO anyway, shouldn't make a big difference
  23. Haart

    This is so stupid...

    People think of themselves only all the time; this kind of statement is hardly surprising or uncommon these days.Years back Muslims were angered by the Mohammed caricatures, and so they didn't respect the Nordic freedom of the press. In some European countries it is still forbidden to deny the Holocaust, so the paranoia isn't limited to religion or certain continents. These are just some examples of many. Even here in CN it is in some people's mind all right to discriminate someone else's ideological belief as long as you state it to be offensive to yourself. Narrow-mindedness and the Internet are not healthy for everyone.
  24. Haart

    Who Will Post Next?

    More like an alley, which you should avoid at certain times. Vamp?
  25. Haart

    Iraq: Should the US get involved ?

    Unless I didn't state it clearly: the more the US "get involved" politically and militarily in other countries, the more chaotic the political situation will become in those countries. At the same time the US will receive more hate, so I can't understand why it's more preferable to get more foes than friends. And it isn't something new, this aggressive expansionistic policy seem to have been used for at least 150 years - as far as I understand - and there still doesn't seem to be any change of that. Russia is of course no better, the Ukraine situation is a clear proof of that. The only reason the US should help Iraq at this point is because they are partly responsible for what's going on there, so it can't get worse as it is now. If Hussein had been alive and still running the country, any possible uprising had been his problem, not US. No my country didn't participate in the invasion, because in Finland people don't believe in interfering in the internal and external affairs of other countries. There are Finnish peacekeepers in Afghanistan, and although I can somewhat understand the reason for US attacking that nation I'm still not happy about the Finns being there. Also, when you invade a country and want to set up a new functional government, it's naive to expect the society to "be back to normal" in just ten years of rebuilding. This is especially true when you try to bring ideas to a nation where they not really belong, and therefore most likely will not work there. After seeing how the situation in Egypt and other Arabian countries have developed, it's quite clear that they are not ready for the democracy we have in the western countries. They got rid of one dictator in Egypt, got another one, and now it's already the third. And when I say dictatorship I'm not saying it in the negative sense as most people seem to do, I'm just stating the fact. Every type of government has its own flaws and advantages, and personally I hadn't have much use of the so called democracy we have here.