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  1. Aloysius


    My first thought on seeing this thread title was Stranger Things - Eleven! xD
  2. Aloysius

    R&R Members sign in here!

    xD More Aussies
  3. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    It was on 7Two, mostly live, Aurelius xD I only saw the opening of the olympics, but it seemed comparable Except the olympics didn't have a guy with no arms playing guitar, or wheelchair gymnasts...just ****ing amazing stuff xD
  4. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    I was able to watch some of it xD
  5. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    Yeah tragic
  6. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    Too bad you are not even close. nvm thought you meant medal count. hehe
  7. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    xD Canada's down too, by 1 point in overtime! I guess USA is the only remaining british colony to beat haha
  8. Aloysius

    Paralympics 2016

    No. 22 in the Aussie Wheelchair Rugby Team is a friend of mine! They've already beaten those pesky Poms, and Rio. Sky's the limit! xD Paralympics = best 'lympics
  9. Aloysius

    3D Printing

    haha, machines that can make more machines, I've seen this movie! xD
  10. Aloysius

    European Union Brexit

    From what I hear, Boris lost a lot of his backers; essentially forced to rule himself out to save face from an inevitable loss. More publicly, his camp is characterising this as a move to maintain unity within the Conservative party. One british parliamentarian described what was happening in the corridors of power as making 'House of Cards look like Teletubbies'
  11. Aloysius

    European Union Brexit

    This is why super majorities exist!
  12. Aloysius

    Captain America Civil War

    Which will only make it worse
  13. Aloysius

    Windows 10

    Not once have I had an issue on my desktop. Its stable, plays all my games, old and new. Now that my graphics card is no longer receiving driver updates, I have had to stop windows prompting me to upgrade to the latest package, but that's just a sign I need a new GPU soon *cough*polaris*cough*. I also bought a surface pro 4 in march this year, the second-bottom model with i5 and 4gb ram. I've had some issues, widely reported. Sleep of death, touchscreen and camera failures. I think these are more Surface issues than Win 10, however. Overall, a great upgrade. I just hope they continue to improve things!
  14. Aloysius

    Captain America Civil War

    That the guy who almost died didn't die was a complete cop out
  15. Aloysius


    heeeeey, wow nice. Also, good effort