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  1. Thendir

    Terry Brooks

    well the thing with shannara is you need to read at least the first three and after that everytime you start a new part of one of the serie's you have to finish them to find out what happened
  2. Thendir

    Terry Brooks

    ive heard alot about stephen king.. he is on my extensive "to read" list david gemmel??? ive read one of his books it was very good.. my uncle is loaning me like all of his books
  3. Thendir

    Terry Brooks

    haha true i did that at first then I read them right.. are you in to fantasy in general or lots of stuff
  4. Thendir

    Diseases? more now?

    Oh Ok I understand what you mean and i lol too every time I get the in my day speech
  5. Thendir

    Terry Brooks

    so has anyone here read the Shannara series or the Landover series.. what ye think of them
  6. Thendir

    Diseases? more now?

    Ok well basically what Im asking is do ye think that diseases (by diseases I mean the likes of Cancer, tumors heart conditions and other major health problems that become fatal) are becoming more prevelant or that we simply didnt know about them before now? I am constantly hearing of young people (20-60) dying of illnesses such as cancer and really this particular disease is rampant im my country (Ireland). I cannot understand how my parents never really knew about such illness as children (acknoweldging lack of education and wider world recognition) and they tell me that "in their day" people rarly died other than old age. But now all I ever hear when people call is "so and so has cancer or leukimia or a condition" What do ye think? ( sorry if it not wrote properly im new to this)
  7. Thendir

    GDA Embassy Request

    add me too please Alliance Initials:[/b]GDA Alliance full name: Global Democratic Alliance Alliance team color: Blue Amount of members: 120ish Forum link: My link IRC channel: #gda on Coldfront Position in Alliance:Senate member and military member :0 Embassy Requested (yes/no) yes Are there any other assigned Ambassadors here from your alliance? they all up there If yes, do they need to be demasked? no i dont think so