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  1. Laverick Phoenix

    Lost Treasures of the World

    Dude, don't you read? It's underneath the art museum in Paris.
  2. Laverick Phoenix

    We Have a Cereal!

    http://www.barbarasb...ereals-puffins/ Now I've got something to snack on while I play the game:
  3. Laverick Phoenix

    Shot heard round the World

    Depends on your bias toward the event.
  4. Laverick Phoenix

    NADC Quote Database

    Unless you play Project Terra you wouldn't fully get this one. Related to the PT admin deleting everyone's Universities in the game and explaining it away as a "hurricane".
  5. Laverick Phoenix

    The Geography Game

  6. Laverick Phoenix

    Forum upgrade

    /me dunno The NADC skin needs to be fixed yet...I'm not holding my breath on that one.
  7. Laverick Phoenix

    Forum upgrade

    What ever happened to "what's said in sikrit stays in sikrit"...
  8. Laverick Phoenix

    An invitation from your friends at The Legion

    WHAT NEW COLOURS!??!!? I don't see them.
  9. Laverick Phoenix

    An invitation from your friends at The Legion

    The paint looks the same, you got my hopes up for nothing.
  10. Laverick Phoenix

    Happy Birthday NADC?

    I use this as my desktop wallpaper: I love that dress. I almost wish I was a girl so I could wear it.
  11. Laverick Phoenix

    Happy Birthday NADC?

    I was gonna suggest you make it 55=3125 posts, but then I realized that with our public forum activity our 6th birthday will probably pass before we get there.
  12. Laverick Phoenix

    Happy Birthday NADC?

  13. Laverick Phoenix

    Barack Obama

    Obama wasn't elected because he was black, that's over simplifying things a bit. He was elected because his intentions and goals appeared to be a godsend compared to 8 years of Bush. Naturally there was a lot of excitement about the possibility of having the first black president, but it was no where near the defining reason for his victory.
  14. Laverick Phoenix

    PS3 or Xbox360?

    I always intended to get both but haven't got around to buying a PS3 yet. I chose the Xbox 360 first so that I could play Mass Effect (at the time Bioware was denying intentions to release it for PC). Over the years it's become more apparent that I prefer the Xbox 360's game selection over the PS3, which is probably the reason I haven't got around to buying it yet. I do still intend to get one for certain PS3 exclusives though. Related rant: Rogers Communications, my cell phone service provider, is giving away free PS3's to new subscribers. I had only just switched to Rogers 3 months before they started this promo, if I had waited a measly 90ish days longer I would have a free PS3 by now. >_
  15. Laverick Phoenix

    The Geography Game

    You can't change the rules half way through a game. Sarnia
  16. Laverick Phoenix

    Bootleg fireworks gone wrong

    Language is NSFW, otherwise it's fine.
  17. Laverick Phoenix

    The Geography Game

    Nova Scotia
  18. Laverick Phoenix

    UK Weather

    We've had some pretty cool days over here this past week. Mid-spring type temperatures. Temperature just rose over night though, it's kind of hot and muggy right now, breeze feels nice though.
  19. Laverick Phoenix

    48/2(9+3) = ?

    I'm unique, I got 36 'cuz I'm half asleep and coulda sworn I saw a + before the parenthesis.
  20. Laverick Phoenix

    2011 Canadian Federal Election

    When it comes to campaign ads I generally believe you should attack the policy, not the person. Obviously, I've been incredibly displeased with the Conservative party over the last 5 years because of this. 5 years of personal attack ads, even when there wasn't an election! First it was a personal attack on Dion, then Ignatief, it's just ridiculous. After 5 years of this, I've had enough. Though the facebook creeper ad at the top was a tongue-in-cheek joke referring to a real incident where the girl on screen was kicked out of a Harper speech for having a photo of herself with Ignatief on her facebook. I'd view that one in particular as being harmless fun, less a serious attack ad. The attendance ad I found relatively reasonable as well, mainly because it has a point rather than being a cheap shot. The two people I would absolutely expect to be there no matter what are the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader...barring of course emergencies or real health concerns. Layton would have been there 100% of the time if it weren't for his surgery, that's the kind of work ethic I would have expected from Harper and Ignatief. On a side note, I find it funny how the Liberals keep advertising that they're responsible for bringing Universal Health Care to Canada. It was Tommy Douglas of the NDP that started the Universal Health Care movement and fought the long battle to get it instated, the Liberal's were merely the governing party at the time and caved in to pressure. Taking credit for another party's hard work FTL.
  21. Laverick Phoenix

    In Need of some help

    Spell Master
  22. Laverick Phoenix

    In Need of some help

    Why? You've already been given the best name possible.
  23. Laverick Phoenix

    In Need of some help

    Light Lizard
  24. Laverick Phoenix

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    oh sugar... http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/02/21/want-an-unknown-skyrim-reward-better-start-making-a-baby.aspx Damn, I need to find a baby born on 11/11/11 and convince the parents to name it Dovahkiin. Pay em $1000 to do it in return for free Bethesda games for life, well worth the money.
  25. Laverick Phoenix

    A song about Mass Effect

    Hmm, pretty catchy.