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  1. Dark Wizard

    Homophobia and Evolution?

    I don't think that being homosexual necessarily excludes you from passing on genes. If it required for the survival of the human race, males could still pass genetic material to females independent of the sexual orientation.
  2. Dark Wizard

    Kinda Stupid, But Important...

    I love a good Hawaiian pizza, it is my go to. The sweet pineapples go well with the salty bacon and ham, and throw a couple banana peppers on there for good measure to add some tangy spice and you have a perfect pizza. It's not for everybody, but pineapple is a widely accepted pizza topping, as it should be.
  3. Tomorrow morning, while all of you are getting ready to go to church, go to work, or preparing for Easter dinner, I will be crying. 10 years ago, tragedy of an unthinkable proportion struck Virginia Tech. My home, my community, my everything. 32 students and staff were heartlessly gunned down in West Ambler Johnston Hall and Norris Hall. Just today, I walked past Norris Hall with my best friend, we looked over and tried to picture that morning. The loss of innocent life, the horror. Those victims were me, they were in my major, they shared common interests, they ate in the same dining halls and lived in the same dorms. I ask that tomorrow you take a moment to remember, and to never forget how special our lives and the lives of those around us are. For those that are not familiar with what happened, or wish to have a better understanding, I would suggest reading this: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/04/16/AR2007041600533.html I will leave you with this from First Lady Michelle Obama. Many of you might only know of Virginia Tech as the place were the largest school mass shooting (at the time) took place, but I urge you not to.
  4. Dark Wizard

    Trump's seven-nation ban

    I am not a fan of the action, not just the rollout, but the action itself. With that said, I think Trump was within his right to do it based on the law. I don't see it as a "Muslim Ban" though I do find it troubling that Christian minorities get preferential treatment (though I am not personally sure on the constitutionality of it). I think my personal problem with the Executive Action lies in the fact that the President (any President, not just Trump) has the wide sweeping authority to essentially dictate government policy. One of my current reading interests in Patrick Henry, and he hit the nail on the head with his critique of the Presidency as it is enumerated in the Constitution. His argument is he would rather have a King because kings have defined limits on their powers in a Constitution, but the President seemingly does not. He asserts that the framers assumed benevolence in the Executive Branch, and while it might work well in times of benevolence, when people who are self interested ascend to the office it could get messy.
  5. Dark Wizard

    Star Wars Rogue One *SPOILER*

    Yeah I'm glad that everybody died in the end, that was the fitting end. It was very slow in the beginning, but I am still in awe of the storyline. I mean we all just kinda dismissed how they got the Death Star plans in IV, at least I did. Brilliant, simply brilliant. And I agree, VII seemed unimaginative.
  6. Dark Wizard

    Star Wars Rogue One *SPOILER*

    I just saw it and I was amazed. That was the best movie since V in my opinion. Wow, simply wow. I was worried about the the storyline but they NAILED it. Any other thoughts?
  7. Dark Wizard

    CotM mask update

    Woot! Welcome!
  8. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

  9. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    It is a shame, but the American people got what they asked for.
  10. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    Democracy in action Don't get me wrong, I agree with you, but its a matter of fact. I don't think anybody looks back upon George Bush as an illegitimate President, but he did lose the popular vote in 2000. It is simply a function of our Republic.
  11. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    Some of the most accurate polls in recent history have trump up nationally. With that said, I don't know how you can discredit the vast number of polls saying otherwise. Plus the popular vote doesn't matter if Hillary wins the right states.
  12. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    The majority of debate viewers already are solid for one candidate or another though, so it is hard to tell what will happen in regards to this. The media took it and ran, but does every American know the ramifications of such a statement? Who knows
  13. Dark Wizard

    Weekly NFL Predictions

    We could make an espn group so there would be no need to post it.
  14. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    I actually think Trump did very well in the debate up to the point where he refused to say that he would support the outcome of the election. No matter who you vote for, the fundamental underpinnings of a Democracy is peaceful transition of power, and Trump seems to be ready and willing to support a transition that is not peaceful in the case that he loses. My thought is, if Al Gore can concede, Donald Trump has no basis to claim the election outcome was not fair.
  15. Dark Wizard

    The 2nd Presidential Debate

    I have to agree with you there, he never stays on topic and doesn't answer the questions. Though I didn't support Trump from the start, I rather him over Hillary. Gary over both of them, but I feel like he dug himself a hole with the whole Aleppo situation, and being unable to name a foreign leader. I'm not going to defend him on that one, but I will say that he owned up and accepted the fact that he didn't know. That is what advisors are for imo. He has a vision of foreign policy and he will surround himself with knowledgeable people who can help him fulfill that vision. I feel as if Trump doesn't have a vision beyond "Make America Great Again."