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    Debate 2016

    They were talking about Domestic policy and then without prompting the moderator switched to foreign policy. While Johnson should have still known what Aleppo was, it is understandable when discussing domestic affairs to not fully understand a question based in foreign policy. If there would have been a warning like "switching to foreign policy, what do you think about Aleppo" this gaffe would be more substantial. There was literally zero context surrounding Aleppo. That would be like having a conversation about the weather and the person asks you how the Yankees were doing. Even if he somehow truly did not know what Aleppo was, which I highly doubt, I still believe he is a genuine guy with a vision for America that is not the same thing that we hear every four years. He is levelheaded and an outsider. He brings the best policy opinions of each candidates and mixes it with the passion for the American people that Hillary lacks and the temperament that Trump lacks.
  2. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    Yep, I agree. Also Horray on being the last few sane people left and potential deciders on the election Gary Johnson 2016.
  3. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    Thats the thing, Trump's base is not going anywhere, neither is Clinton's. Basically they just duked it out for the few sane people left. Seeing as neither of the candidates are sane, it is hard to say where those people in the middle ground are. They may all agree that Trump won the debate, but in the end, that does not mean they will in fact vote for Clinton. Those votes are up for grabs, but the first debate will do little to resolve who they will end up voting for.
  4. Dark Wizard

    Debate 2016

    Oh boy. I need a beer.
  5. Dark Wizard

    Holy Church of Cookienism

  6. Dark Wizard

    Boston Shenanigans

    If you want to venture down into southwest Virginia, im your man!
  7. Dark Wizard

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    We can't let the newbie win
  8. Dark Wizard

    3D Printing

    Try it! Build your own 3d printer Very inventive
  9. Dark Wizard

    3D Printing

    Same, but mine is free even for the plastic Printing can be pretty slow... We normally leave it overnight to print Wait a sec, I don't even get free regular printing and you get all inclusive 3D printing
  10. Dark Wizard

    Ban the Person Above you

    Banned for a lack of cookies recently
  11. Dark Wizard

    Holy Church of Cookienism

  12. Dark Wizard

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    We can't let a TTK weenie win
  13. Dark Wizard

    3D Printing

    Campus has several 3D printers. They're free as long as you provide your own printing materials. Yet to try it
  14. Dark Wizard

    Honey- Must Try

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/honey/bmnlcjabgnpnenekpadlanbbkooimhnj I don't know if any of you have seen this but Honey is an attachment for Chrome that automatically applies coupons when online shopping. It goes through all of the best coupons and applies the one that saves you the most. I saved 3 bucks on a book I just bought ad 6 dollars on pizza the other day. Just thought I would throw it out there for you guys
  15. Dark Wizard

    Sexay NADC Fan Theories

    I was spied upon. Kochers runs the NSA. The Atlantic Heritage Office is just a cover for his covert activities.
  16. Dark Wizard

    Insulting NADC members in the style of Donald Trump...

    "NpO. They are the enemy. We will beat NpO. We, for too long have been losing to NpO. No longer. We will win so much against them it will hurt to win so much. We must make NADC great again."
  17. Dark Wizard

    Orlando Massacre

    Terrible. Just terrible.
  18. You have a crew of 20,000 and no weapons of mass destruction [sorry - no millions in one fell swoop]. So - How do you plot for, execute, and accomplish the task of removing the scourge of humans from the universe? The aliens can have any characteristics you would like minus things that would cause instant death. I saw this on another forum I am a part of and the responses got really good, in-depth, and quite fascinating to watch. I hope this gets as good Also, please critique other peoples plan, that is where the fun comes in. Hopefully there will be a little bit of a debate to ensue as a result. I'm not planning on moderating the entire time. Go. Edit: No nukes are available. The mortals destroyed them all in an because of a non-proliferation treaty. Please also keep in mind the estimated 3 MILLION doomsday preppers out there. You need to still exterminate these people too. Many of whom have bunkers with food and water to last years.
  19. Dark Wizard

    Ted Cruz's chances of becoming president

    GOP is running themselves out of another election.
  20. Dark Wizard

    Fox News the most trusted news source

    Al Jazeera
  21. Dark Wizard

    February Newspaper woo!!!

    I like your graphics skills. Good read and congrats on MoTM!
  22. Dark Wizard


    Congrats on staying.
  23. Dark Wizard

    NADC Newspaper

    The graphics were impressive. Well done.
  24. Dark Wizard

    The American Revolution

    One thing I would like to make clear. The colonists did not simply win the war. The French played a huge role in the downfall of the British in the Americas. Without the rivalry between the French and the British, we may still be living in a world rooted in colonialism. The French Navy played an ESSENTIAL role in the surrender of the British by countering the Royal Navy and helping the colonists surround the British at Yorktown. On to the charge that the colonists really had no reason to demand independence, I would suggest you read the Declaration of Independence. There are several reasons beyond simply they didn't like to be taxed. One of which is the basis for the 3rd Amendment to the United States Constitution. I'm not sure about you, but it would anger me to be required to house a soldier without my consent. Lastly, on to the point about taxes to pay for the defense of the colonies. To be clear, the French and Indian War was nothing more than a proxy war between France and England. The Brits were not defending the safety of the colonists, but instead defending their interests. They did not want to lose their empire to the French.
  25. To begin with, I would present my people as a peaceful celestial organism that is out to explore the galaxy. We have create a means by which to use reach a sort of warp speed, in order to get around the galaxy within a reasonable time period. Once I have befriended the human race, I will put my plan into action. I would try and eliminate the supply lines that feed and nourish the community first. I would use the cover of extremist religions to do so, claiming them as terror attacks. I would work with terror groups to help them carry it out, so they do not understand my true intentions. From there, I would work with the biggest governments in the world, including the US and China to pinpoint doomsday preppers under the cover that we should investigate what their bunkers look like so we can be prepared in the case of further terrorist attacks. Therefore, I would know where the doomsday preppers are going to be. I will target them first, because they will be the most difficult to exterminate once the plan goes into full action. From there, I will try to incite a war between the major superpowers. Most feasibly the US and Russia/China. Once they are fighting inwardly, I would begin to try and break down any other form of coalition that might exist, including NATO, AU and the EU. This will be done via infiltration in the government, inciting members to rebel against their leaders. Once these major targets have been taken out. I will focus on taking out the communication ability of the humans, by destroying all forms of satellites and other man made probes in orbit. I will then target sources of power, trying to break the backbone of the remaining order left in the world. Once all formal communication lines are taken out, it will be impossible to unite against my army. My army will then go nation to nation, wiping out the population as it goes. The army will move as a unit, and focus on areas of low concentration first, then move toward areas of higher population. This process will begin with smaller nations first, while the larger ones are destroying each other. Once all small nations are exterminated, the larger nations will take center stage, and my army will take out country holding the families of all soldiers hostage. This will be used as a bargaining chip to disarm all armies. Once disarmed, they will all be exterminated. PS- I put WAAAAAY to much thought into this