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    George Zimmerman Verdict

    I think it is silly when we, as simple members of the public, debate a case that we know very little about. Many of us were predisposed to believe that Zimmerman was guilty. The media gets the American public riled up about these high profile cases, hungry for blood, and then when it turns out that there actually wasn't enough evidence to support the story that the media sold the public in the beginning, people cry injustice. Does no one else see the irony of a country, run with the belief of "innocent until proven guilty" crying out for the punishment of a man ruled innocent by a jury? Don't misunderstand me. Trayvon Martin's death is a preventable tragedy, as is the harm done to George Zimmerman physically, mentally, and emotionally, not to mention the heart-wrenching lives both of their families must have undergone during the trial. But second-guessing the most informed group in the world on the matter (the jury) seems slightly silly to me. I wouldn't fully agree with what you said about the media. The media polarized the case, either you watched Fox news and Zimmerman became a pioneer for gun rights and the right to defend yourself or you watched MSNBC and Zimmerman was the epitome of the devil. As to your tweet, I agree fully.
  2. Dark Wizard

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    But i mean, who's to say that the investigation will be carried out the same way? Race plays a huge roll in societies choices even if it's not directly involved in thought processes.
  3. Dark Wizard

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    TM was living there with his father's fiance, which was about 70 feet from where he was shot. The police were called there 402 times within the past 13 months prior. TM made the wrong decision not to simply run home (if he was scared), or call 911 (as GZ did). Instead, he confronted GM, and beat him. IMHO, they both made bad decisions, but the decisions they made would have been made by many other people too. GM was the neighborhood watch coordinator. Many communities take that seriously when there are as many problems as they had at that time. He thought TM looked suspicious poking around in the rain. Then TM came toward him (while he was talking to 911), then saw TM run away. GM told the police after he was told not to follow him, TM attacked him as he went back to his truck. If that is true, GM wasn't at fault at all. If it isn't true and he went toward TM, it would not have many any sense to start an indecent if he knew the police would be there any minute. Which they were, about 3 minutes later- unfortunately too late. Again, in that amount of time TM could have already been home, so I would tend to believe TM chose not to go home, and instead confronted GM, and attacked him. Again, crimes committed in the gated community in the year prior to TM's death included 8 burglaries, 9 thefts, and 1 shooting. Residents were on record as saying there were dozens of reports of attempted break-ins, which they said had created an atmosphere of fear in their neighborhood. The police were called to the community complex 402 times within that year. GM was the community watchman coordinator and saw someone acting suspicious in the rain. I don't think calling 911 and reporting it was wrong if he thought TM was acting suspicious. There's also nothing wrong with wanting to see someone that may be about to commit a criminal act actual be caught. You are assuming GZ is lying that TM didn't attack him when he was going back to his vehicle and wait for police. Again, why would GM look to attack someone when he just called 911 and was waiting for police to arrive? Even if he did somewhat follow TM to make sure he was still in sight, he already told 911 he wanted the police there so he couldn't get away. With respect, the racial profiling is ridiculous. He never even mentioned what color TM was until 911 asked, and he said he "thought" he was black. GZ is far from a racist. Look up about his crusade to help the homeless black man who was treated unfairly by police. That's not true. The burden is much higher than that, and yes- I had to look it up and also ask my son who's just about to finish law school. It's not that broad. Remember, TM beat up GZ as witnessed by the person closest to them, and GZ injuries corroborate it. I addressed the racism above. I have an honest question. If TM was white and GZ was black do you think the outcome would have been different.
  4. Dark Wizard

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    I agree that there is no self defense argument for TM but in all honesty put yourself in his shoes.Yes, he could have called 911, but really are the police going to come to his rescue in a gated community that wasn't his in the middle of a rainy night, they would make the same assumptions as GZ did. I'm speaking as a younger guy, if I was minding my own business and somebody started following me, I would eventually attack him too. I don't doubt there was a reason for GZ to think that there was something fishy going on, he did what was right and called the police, but instead of listening to them, he decided to act alone. The claim that "he was going to get away like the rest of them" doesn't really seem to be a good defense for going after him seeing as the altercation took place not overly far from where GZ was set to meet with the police (clearly within the confines of the complex). It's fairly clear GZ jumped the gun and profiled TM even though he wasn't doing anything wrong. The law might not have been used explicitly in his defense, but the same principle applies, he pleaded not guilty on the grounds of shooting somebody in self defense, which is the exact nature of the law. The problem is, even if TM gave a hug to GZ it could be claimed that GZ felt his life was in danger, see the problem. For all we know GZ could be anti-black and think they are all killer thugs, thus just seeing him prompted a need to kill in self defense. This we can agree on. TM could have put himself in a better situation, GZ could have as well. Unfortunately somebody had to lose their life.
  5. Dark Wizard

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    I will come out right away and say that the verdict disappointed me. I thought there was going to be some legal punishment for his actions and I felt that he deserved it granted the circumstances. That said, I can certainly understand why the Jury found him not guilty. The prosecution did not meet the burden of proof that is needed to establish that this was pre-meditated (something that would need to be established to get a murder conviction) and that he acted in a way to intentionally kill Trayvon Martin (something that was needed for a manslaughter conviction) While all this is swell and dandy, my real problem rests in the Stand Your Ground law itself, which can be found here. In the law, or statute, there is no clarification on whether or not the law can or cannot be used in the case that somebody instigates an altercation. Obviously in this case the Prosecution was not able to establish without reasonable doubt that George Zimmerman did for sure begin the altercation that lead to the shooting, but some things that need to be considered here: (for this first example please assume Trayvon Martin did begin the altercation) 1st: Trayvon Martin has the right to self-defense too. Let's be honest, you are walking alone at night, doing nothing wrong, and you notice a man following you. The man is about twice your age and certainly bigger than you. After trying to elude him he is still trailing you, doesn't Martin reserve the right to attack anyways? In my opinion yes, the reasonable assumption is that you are being followed by a stranger and that you might be mugged or worse. Zimmerman never identified himself (to my knowledge), it is a reasonable assumption to attack first for self-preservation. 2nd: Obviously we don't know who actually attacked first, but Zimmerman put himself in a position of danger. By following and approaching Trayvon Martin after the police told him to stay in his car he knowingly put himself into danger. No matter who attacked there would have been no problems if he waited for law enforcement. By stalking Martin he provoked the attack either directly (by physically beginning it) or indirectly (by making Martin fear for his life). This leads to my main point. 3rd: There is no provision in the Florida State law that safeguards people from provoking attacks and then using a self defense argument once the opponent gets the upper hand. This is an absolute abomination of a flaw in the actual law. While it is implied that it only occurs when in a defensive role, according to the law as written, Zimmerman could have systematically stalked Martin and knowingly thrown the first punch and then once Martin hit back he had the full force of law behind him to shoot. No matter the verdict it is tragic that a young mans life had to end, and I certainly hold no malice towards the Jury because by the law I don't see any real crime. So in summary my issue is with the legal system and law code, not the actual case itself.
  6. Dark Wizard

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    only if you want me to
  7. Dark Wizard

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    If nobody else is interested in winning, i guess I will.
  8. Dark Wizard

    Gun Control: Do more guns = more crime?

    I agree. I don't honestly think any non-radical political figure has proposed the full banning of guns. Nobody, or not may people, are trying to take away your hand guns, and shotguns. The 2nd amendment has limitations to it, a nuclear missile is an "arm" should we be allowed to have those in our back yards because of the second amendment? No, there was no way to foresee the might and power of high power machine guns of the future, so it is childish at best to say that the second amendment should protect the right to those.
  9. Dark Wizard

    Deceleration of war

    You instigated the attack. Nothing we can do buddy they are defending their own.
  10. Dark Wizard

    NADC Inaugural poll

    PS4 will blow Xbox one out of the water.
  11. Dark Wizard

    Gun Control: Do more guns = more crime?

    My problem with the whole matter is we regulate other things that dont stop people. We regulate drinking and driving but people still do that...are we going to stop attempting to regulate it because some people disobey? What about rape? People still rape others, should we make that legal because we can't fully prevent it? No! Using the excuse that it wont stop people from doing bad things is not valid, because no matter what people will do bad things. Why not take every step to minimize that risk? And don't say "oh if our guns are taken we can't defend ourselves." Bullshit.
  12. Dark Wizard


    What is in the future of the United States? I give them 300 more years before something goes wrong and they fall. Thoughts?
  13. Dark Wizard

    Would the USA be the same?

    when you think of the united states you think of the 50 states, the 13 stripes and the 50 stars on the American flag. What if there was 51? Would the complexion of the united states change? would you look at the USA differently? A link to a proposal for California to split into two states, making it the 51 states if it goes through. Thoughts?
  14. Dark Wizard

    Can we discriminate on weight

    I think this is the first thing we have ever agreed on
  15. Dark Wizard

    Gun Control: Do more guns = more crime?

    im sorry but saying more guns will solve the problem of gun violence is like saying that more debt will solve our debt problem.
  16. Dark Wizard

    Would the USA be the same?

    Just wondering how and why you classify the United States as a socialist economy. While there are several aspects that might be socialistic, I think that anybody that regards them as unneeded is certainly misguided. The military, the highway system, the police department, the fire department, libraries, public lighting of streets, and the school system would all be lost if we were a truly capitalist economy. Everybody would fend for themselves, enjoy building your own roads to get to work or raising your own military to defend yourself. Socialism is needed in a limited sense, and that is the truth. To classify the US as a socialistic economy is totally off base in my opinion. In my book, having a state(government) run postal service, subsidized farms, government mandated health care, restrictions on big business, high taxation on wealthy, wellfare programs, child support programs, government grants, social security and other retirement pensions, disability pay, and more all show signs of a socialist country. The postal service was mandated in the constitution when it was signed by our founding fathers, therefore I hardly consider that socialism and restriction, plus there are private mail firms, its an option not a requirement, There is a difference between restrictions and socialism, I never have claimed that the US is a total capitalist economy, but certainly not socialist.
  17. Dark Wizard

    Would the USA be the same?

    Just wondering how and why you classify the United States as a socialist economy. While there are several aspects that might be socialistic, I think that anybody that regards them as unneeded is certainly misguided. The military, the highway system, the police department, the fire department, libraries, public lighting of streets, and the school system would all be lost if we were a truly capitalist economy. Everybody would fend for themselves, enjoy building your own roads to get to work or raising your own military to defend yourself. Socialism is needed in a limited sense, and that is the truth. To classify the US as a socialistic economy is totally off base in my opinion.
  18. Dark Wizard


    Welcome to the forums, Tiagoroth shall be here soon to set you up
  19. Dark Wizard

    Capitalism Vs. Socialism

    Obama is being called socialist because he's a lot more socialist views compare to pass president. His Health Care bill (which i completely oppose btw.) That is one reason he is being called that, but there are various others too. One is farming subsidies, and then in the same breathe they want subsidies for big oil....make sense. I'm not going to get into ObamaCare because truthfully i'm not knowledgeable enough about it to fully argue. I don't like some parts, but I do like others, its neither here nor there with me.
  20. Dark Wizard

    Capitalism Vs. Socialism

    I would just like to point out the various forms of socialism that the United States has. -Military -Road System -Libraries -Police Departments -Fire Departments -Public Street Lighting -Student Aid -GI Bill -Farming Subsidies -Snow removal from roads -Compensation for natural disasters (FEMA among others) That is just to name a few. One thing I cannot stand is when people come in and point at Obama for being a socialist and say how bad it is. Ok, fine, but try driving without publicly owned roads, try keeping people safe without a military and police department, enjoy putting out your own fires, feel free to put up your own street lamps. I'm not saying we need to go all out socialist, but you can't complain about a person and call him a socialist, when you cannot live without the things that is provided as a result.
  21. Dark Wizard

    World War Z

    Never read it, I'm more of a mystery man myself. You from the US?
  22. Dark Wizard

    TAAoAA Embassy Request

    Welcome! Somebody should be here to approve you soon!
  23. Name why your post is better then the one that posted above you.
  24. Welcome! Somebody should be here soon!
  25. Dark Wizard

    QnA with Alex, Sean and Turd

    Category is: Batman or Robin *Picture of Batman* Oh, I know this! Robin!