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  1. WilliamFrancisLouis

    Kharn's Gaming Corner

    I'd be down for a civ game too. After I get a little better. I'm pretty awful.
  2. WilliamFrancisLouis

    Kharn's Gaming Corner

    Awesome that we have another gamer here. I play a lot of PC games, mostly FPS and play PS3 sometimes. That said I expect Battlefield 4 to take over my life lol. Any plans to play it?
  3. WilliamFrancisLouis

    George Zimmerman Verdict

    At Well said. At the very least, how was this not harassment on Zimmerman's part?
  4. WilliamFrancisLouis

    NADC Inaugural poll

    Considering I spent like $2600 on this desktop, I'd have to say PC . Civilization V and Battlefield 3 mostly. I have a PS3 for MLB the Show and I will probably get a PS4 for MLB the Show 2014. Pretty much all of my time spent gaming is spent on those three games.
  5. WilliamFrancisLouis

    To all of you out there

    While I think Bush was a horrendous President, I don't fault him solely for the recession although the sub prime mortgage crisis did occur under him. Citizen's United does need to be overturned by the way.
  6. WilliamFrancisLouis

    To all of you out there

    It's a really complicated topic. On one hand I agree with you Bgorre that a lot of these people need to take whatever jobs they can get and should be majoring in useful majors. On the other hand, the people who destroyed the economy need to be held accountable instead of taking bonuses with taxpayer bailouts. However, I did support the bailouts and stimulus. Maybe I'm lucky that I haven't been turned down for a job yet and I majored in Political Science. If people like Bgorre can come from other countries and find work here, I'm sure people born here can too. Making it is really tough and you gotta be willing to work like crazy to rise up. The American dream isn't guaranteed and requires crazy hard work.
  7. WilliamFrancisLouis

    Anyone get Halo 4?

    Title says it all. Did anyone get Halo 4 yet, if so what are your gamertags? I'm planning to get it later this month.
  8. WilliamFrancisLouis

    Steam Group

    Can someone please invite me. My username is simonel136
  9. WilliamFrancisLouis

    Steam Group

    Sounds like a good idea. I'm starting to get into gaming again.
  10. WilliamFrancisLouis


    Just rebuilt my computer so I haven't cleaned my desktop yet.
  11. WilliamFrancisLouis

    3d forum

    Cool stuff, didn't know that Firefox had such a feature.
  12. WilliamFrancisLouis

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    Or keep a proper warchest?
  13. WilliamFrancisLouis

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    I think the effective tax rate most Americans pay is probably lower than that of Western Europe. Corporate tax in America is effectively pretty low, federal income tax is reasonable for most and capital gains tax is really low. I don't think the US takes in too much money in taxes and its unlikely that taxes are going to rise in any significant manner.
  14. WilliamFrancisLouis

    A Resignation and Final Goodbye

    Bye man, glad to have had you join us for so long. Hope you enjoy it in Deinos or wherever you end up!
  15. WilliamFrancisLouis


    C2, if you've waited this long in an upgrade cycle to upgrade, you should save it until around march next year. Skyrim doesn't run very well on my computer either and I'm planning to build my next one next spring.