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  1. Simeon

    Pokemon Go

    Supposedly you get banned for this, and the company already has ways to know. Pay a good programmer, you can avoid all detection. You might have to combine this with a little phone mod so it looks like the coordinates are coming from GPS hardware. Then download some recorded "walks", jitter the coordinates randomly, and there you go. I'm not suggesting you should actually do this, I'm just pointing out that you can't tell from the internet server whether or not the device is really moving or not. It's just a matter of time before someone writes the hack, especially if there is money involved (cheaper than paying a car for sure). I haven't looked in to whether or not the phone can tell Pokemon Go what cell towers it's using, I guess that might make it a little harder.
  2. Simeon

    Pokemon Go

    Bring on the smartphone simulators that let you input GPS coordinates or even read them from an input source. You don't have to leave your house! If you are going to cheat at spend cash on Pokemon Go, pay a programmer, not a taxi driver.
  3. Simeon

    Windows 10

    For the most part I am very happy with my recent Windows 10 install. Drivers and printers didn't require any internet searching, and in fact I could keep working while the graphics driver updated. And yes, that search in the top right corner is gone, but you can open the start menu and start typing (even though there's no box) to find installed programs (this is with Cortana off).
  4. This is great - thanks for posting it. I like one of the points that comes across that it's not wealth or poverty but human spirit (especially collective) that is the most powerful thing we possess. I've seen this in a little community coffee shop that I spend a few hours a week at. Once people can form relationships with others and work together in community, the money stops being the most important thing and real change happens.
  5. Simeon

    This is the true spirit of Atlantic Canada

    A great story, especially as it was from the perspective of the person receiving the gift.
  6. Simeon

    Stuff that makes me lol

    I don't think my parents actually listened to music or watched movies, but... "Rapture" by Blondie Omen III: The Final Conflict (never heard of it before)
  7. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    I believe in things substantiated by facts. Whilst is may seem highly unlikely that earlier versions of man would have survived in such conditions, the fact is that they did. We are living proof of that fact, being descendants of those early men. Also, more and more evidence continues to be uncovered which shows how these early men did indeed survive such harsh conditions. Furthermore, even if a particular end result may seem highly unlikely, I don't see how this in any way evidence in favour a creator. On the contrary, the fact that it seems unlikely that earlier versions of man would have survived should cast doubt on "we are living proof of that fact". To be more specific, if surviving for a million years is the only possible explanation for humans being here today, there is no doubt. If there is any other possibility at all, that other possibility has to be ruled out or at least it has to be many times less likely to dismiss it. If there is 1% chance that humans could survive for a million years under harsh conditions, and a 1% chance that 'a god' created them, it's still 50/50 for the purposes of this debate. You point to more and more evidence of humans surviving harsh conditions. I presume you are referring to archeological evidence. If you are, for me that evidence doesn't weigh on either side of the equation. It's simply evidence that doesn't contradict either evolution or 'a god'. Unless you think there is some weight to the statement "if there was a god, and that god created a universe including human life, that god would probably not create any artifacts, fossils, etc." Maybe this is circular and I have my head in the sand. Am I crazy to think that if a god could create the universe that the simulated passage of time (simulated past fossil record, simulated electromagnetic radiation record) would be a no-brainer? Or is this just a conclusion I have come up with trying to explain the possibility of the existence of a god?
  8. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    To be honest, my last post was a bit of a rant departing from objective discussion. But thanks for your answers. Do you (on the life not created by a god side of this debate) accept something like Wikipedia's timeline? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_evolutionary_history_of_life Suppose it's correct and the species Homo has really been around for 2.5 million years. How did we get by with no catastrophic events wiping out all life (except maybe in the oceans) for that long? A species resembling humans/apes with only rudimentary technology would have had to survive some crazy temperature fluctuations, ice, fire, atmospheric conditions, etc. somewhere on the planet. Sure, it's survival of the fittest, but is it really plausable? Food, drinking water, oxygen, and shelter had to be available for that whole time.
  9. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    I also find it weird to think that the universe was created by accident. I don't mean the formation of stars and planets, that's not such a big deal. I mean, where did all the matter / energy and all the space come from? It just eternally existed with no beginning and no end? Don't tell me it's just an illusion - that poses even bigger questions. I also don't have a problem with evolution creating something like new species, but elevating a life form from cell level to cells that can specialize into organs is a pretty big jump, and elevating a life form from one that can't reproduce to one that can is also a pretty big leap. It's got to take an awful lot of lightning striking an awful lot of primordial soup over an awful long time frame.
  10. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    I agree that the mere possibility of a god's existence should not, in any way, lead one to conclude that a god exists and start believing that. Unfortunately factors like peer pressure and wanting to fit into a certain cultural norm around them can cause people to believe things in the spiritual realm that may or may not have any truth to them. The irony in all of that is that IF a spiritual belief (i.e. the existance of a god) is, in fact, true, the most effective way to communicate or spread the belief in that is socially i.e. through story telling, cultural or traditional practices, meetings, music, etc which you will find in any major religion. The big deal is whether or not there's any truth in it to start with. People have demonstrated time and time again it's possible to spread an outright lie to a large group of people. Certainly not all of what is taught/spread in all religions is true, since different religions contradict each other pretty seriously on points like one vs many gods and what a god or gods would want us to do (what sort of life/worship is pleasing/expected). For me, that's why disucssing / debating the existence of a god (or not) is an interesting (and perhaps very valuable) thing to do, as long as it can be done without bias from of all the cultural/religious stuff.
  11. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    Apparent design or complexity is an indicator that an intelligent designer might possibly have created it. Just because something is a possibility doesn't mean it's true, BUT: - Either 'a god' created it or some cosmic process created it - Let P1 be the probability that the source of a universe is 'an intelligent being or some process initiated by an intelligent being' - Let P2 be the probability that the source of a universe is 'a cosmic process not initiated by any intelligent being' Then, for any given universe that exists, if we accept causality, then P1 + P2 = 1 Then the probability that 'a god' exists (independent of any other information or evidence) is at least P1, or, in other terms, 1-P2. The only way you can completly and utterly dismiss a god's existence is to make P1=0 and P2=1, in other words claim that there is 100% confidence that absolutely everything we see and know was started by a cosmic process with no designer. That's a ridiculous claim to make at this point in mankind's understanding of science, nature, big bang theory, evolution theory, etc. In my mind I think the most anyone could go in the cosmic process direction is about P1 = 0.3, P2 = 0.7 Edit: If you go into this whole thing with the assumption "a god" doesn't exist, then you must logically conclude that P2 = 1 only because there are no other options. But in that case, what can you contribute to this discussion except "I don't belive a god exists therefore a god does not exist"
  12. Simeon

    The links between education and money

    Very interesting. I don't think streaming is necessarily bad as long as students can make an informed decision (which means school staff need to work that much harder to make sure that the right students are in the right stream). Perception that one version of a course is "easier" than another is bad. Hands-on vs more theoretical/academeic is not necessarily bad. I'd have to talk to teachers of both the applied and non-applied version of Math or English to form a more informed opionion on this one. I wonder if some teachers are better at or more suited to teaching one version or the other based on their personality, interests, and experience. I would think so.
  13. Simeon

    Is There a God?

    @Blitz: That is one of the great struggles in Deism (the belief of a supreme being that is involved rather than observer). Evil has to be there because humans can't have freedom of choice and freedom to love this god or not, without there being some other choice i.e. the choice to do evil. The question for me is "how come so much evil"? And why would this god want to give us freedom of choice or not? What if the whole purpose of human beings in the first place was to worship this god, when worship does not mean animal or other sacrifice, but rather crediting or ascribing worth to this god? @Puppier: Futurama is deep, but not that deep The Simpsons and South Park like to poke fun at the idea of a god and religion too, don't they? I have nothing against organized religion. As long as it's not too organized or too religious
  14. Simeon


    I mostly drink water, milk, pop, and watered down apple or cranberry juice. Lately my coffee intake is about a cup every 2 days just to stay awake at work (I think I am becoming addicted to it). Beer is ok but it's just way too filling, I find. And, after 1 beer, any hope of getting any more real work done that day is out the window
  15. Simeon

    Crypto challenge

    I thought this might be interesting to some of you and it starts pretty soon: https://www.cryptochallenge.com/ Basically a code/cipher breaking challenge with an iPad as the prize.
  16. Simeon

    Crypto challenge

    It's an "Alpha" which means to me that they just want to test the system before they run a competition for a bigger prize. I agree, the prize is small and I have given up after about 3 or 4 hours of getting nowhere. They are supposed to email clues periodically but I haven't received any yet.
  17. Simeon

    The Polar Bear Club!

    Ten polar bears! 6,2,3,3,2,1
  18. Simeon

    Haart ...is where your home is.

    If you ever spot a Simeon let me know Nice pic.
  19. Simeon

    Can we discriminate on weight

    That lat bit at the end of the article is golden. A great test of how good of a state you are in is how well/fast you can get off of the floor. I hope medical practitioners are using that test a lot. As for equipment and tools design - well, if you are left-handed or short or dislexic or near-sighted or far-sighted, or, well, anything except average, you've run into it. This is part of the next technological revolution - expanding and adapting technology and tools to apply in more cases to a larger percentage of the population. This goes for everything from scissors to countertops to MRI machines. It's not discrimination if it's not designed for you. It's either a design oversight or a tradeoff for some other desirable characteristic (cost, portability, efficiency, etc). In this MRI case, call the company that makes the machine, the salespeople for the machine, and the government or funding organization for the hospital. Or call the media. Otherwise, good luck ever driving change.
  20. Simeon

    Count to 100 before Bgorre1013 posts

    The next number after Tank's 0b00000111 is 0b00001000. But since we magically jumped to 0b00111000 (decimal 56), I will just continue from there 57
  21. Simeon

    legalizing of weed

    It doesn't kill people if used responsably, but are there any studies on the long term effects of use? Similar to alcohol/liver disease or tobacco/lung cancer, are there conditions caused by long term overuse of pot? Is "Pothead" just a term to describe/insult pot users, or is there a link to mental illness of some kind? Any studies proving there is or isn't from an unbiased source? (just asking out of ignorance/curiosity; I don't know the answer).
  22. Simeon

    legalizing of weed

    I don't think the state vs fed fight will be anything when it's just a case of possession. If you get caught by the feds, don't expect the state to step in to help you. In my view, it's kind of like the state forfeiting any responsibility/involvement ("we don't want to spend money and time on this anymore", not "we support possessing weed"). I wonder if it will affect cases of driving while high/impaired though. Or crossing from BC into Washington with it.
  23. Simeon


    Mandystalin: I wish for... Nothing! Simeon: Granted, but now you wish you had wished for something. I wish that subway would have a contest to win cookies for life and that I would win!