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Phalanx Galaan

State of Unified Nations
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  1. Phalanx Galaan

    The Geography Game

  2. Phalanx Galaan

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    Wow! I just got masked today, and I already won something.
  3. Phalanx Galaan

    Howdy y'all

    Woohoo! Thanks, Tobias.
  4. Phalanx Galaan

    Howdy y'all

    Alliance Initials: SUN Alliance full name: State of Unified Nations Alliance team color: Yellow Number of members: 60 Forum link: http://s4.zetaboards.com/SUN Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=568528 Nation name (if different from forum name): Innesria IRC channel: #sun Position in Alliance: Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Embassy Requested: No. Are there any other assigned Ambassadors here from your alliance? Yes If yes, do they need to be demasked? No