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    wings of a broken dream
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    let's put it this way... luke skywalker is my hero

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  1. lolinfected

    really guys?

    well either way this is why i've been inactive for like 2 months >.>
  2. lolinfected

    UK Weather

    i have a way to beat the heat. i stay inside and play mass effect 2 (=
  3. lolinfected

    E3 2011

    mass effect 3 is the only thing i need to hear about at e3 (=
  4. lolinfected

    Fanasty Baseball

    i would but i didn't have any league to join )=
  5. lolinfected

    PS3 or Xbox360?

    always wanted to get a ps3 but never had the money for it. only reason why i got a 360 was for halo 3 and even then my sister and i went half in for it. but ever since whenever i got games i ended up getting the 360 game and before i knew it i had enough 360 games that it didnt warrent my getting a ps3 anymore.
  6. lolinfected

    Why Didn't The Sinner Above You Get Raptured?

    EDIT: didn't read what forum this was in
  7. lolinfected

    War STories

    k so i was sitting around 8k with nothing for me to really do cause i didn't have consistent internet access. all i could*/can* do from my phone with any bit of consistency is send out aid and collect/pay bills. well the night we got declared on by VE and FOK my nation got beat down to like 150 infra and 125 tech after it was all over. i didn't bother fighting back because i wouldn't be able to do anything against them anyway so i didn't bother. not being able to do anything other than pay bills *as i had sent most of my 121 mil warchest as aid to other members for like 2 months.* oh but anyway so i was sitting in anarchy -2000, like 150 infra and 125 tech or whatever after it had all passed. i was just like "well there's nothing i can really do now other than wait out the war." anyway, i was at a clients house *cause i do homehealth* and i was working a 12 hour 7p-7a shift and around 12:30am i get an alert from my phone and it's an email. i'm like well ok and i see that it was a "DOW" from the CN admin and i was like WTF FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously dude?!!?!?!?!? i'm at -2000 troops with no other defenses and you're going to declare on me? really? REALLY? dudes, seriously i was pissed off. even more so when i saw that his NS was like a couple hundred more than mine and i had a HUGE tech and improvement advantage over him. so i went crazy on his butt. i took what warchest i had left *which was like around 2-3 mil after i collected* and went to town on his sorry tail. i won every single ground battle *other than 2 aggressive battles so i just stuck to planned battle *which worked like a charm each time* once the war was over, i REDECLARED on him cause i was just like dude, ahhmunnaeetjooupfodeclarenawnmehwiniaintgawtnotrups so yeah, i made him pay for declaring on my pitiful nation. i stole a good bit of tech, quite a bit of cash, and 3 days before the ceasefire i put his sorry arse into anarchy.
  8. lolinfected


    all circumstantial evidence that will unlikely be made known to the public for one reason or another. saying it was justifiable will likely have as many pro/con points as saying that it wasn't. i look at his being killed as more of a symbol than anything else anyway
  9. lolinfected


    cereal. ANY kind of cereal
  10. lolinfected

    New landscaping ideas

    underground castles *ala Antillisia* work the best IMO
  11. lolinfected


    we should all be so lucky. i tried to cut out caffeine a couple years ago and was handling it relatively well but i started feeling like crap a majority of the time. turns out i'm addicted to caffeine cause if i don't have least a coke a day i'm nauseous, have major headaches and just feel like crap. so i try to limit myself to at least a bit of coke a day. helps that i really love it
  12. lolinfected

    48/2(9+3) = ?

    NO U!
  13. lolinfected

    Portal 2

    my friend's wife pre-ordered it for him after he downloaded it and it became his favorite game. sad thing is she pre-ordered it for the ps3. which they don't have....
  14. lolinfected


    dude, being emo is when a anorexic guy can't fit into his womens size 0 pants anymore and crys about it. this stuff you have here is awesome