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  1. Mad_Pirates

    Inspired by IRC: First games played

    Inspired by an IRC conversation of first games and oldest awesome games, a new game: (I hope this works out) * Tell us what your first ever game played was and what you thought about it. * comment on (1 of) the games someone above you mentioned. What did you think about it? So, as kick-off: One of the most annoying fights in the game. How do you fight off an immortal skeleton? So, what was your first game? any funny things about them you'd like to tell us?
  2. Mad_Pirates

    What are you listening to right now?

    Armin van Buuren - A state of Trance 677 It is just ending, though xD
  3. Mad_Pirates

    'Allo 'Allo

    Heya! Thought I'd greet you in here as well! You kept me up on IRC way too late yesterday. But yeah, you've been gone a loooong time. and its always good to see those people return. Especially if its someone who initially approved you to get in in the first place
  4. Mad_Pirates

    Thoughts on Ron Paul

    US politics focuses too much on people rather than the ideas they represent, as it should be. Although our multi-party system is much better there (Netherlands), it is still somewhat weak imo. That said, I have not too much of an idea about what he represents but libertarian does make it sound like he's closer to liberalism (classic liberalism). And even if nothing else, pretty much anything that weakens the hold of the 2-party system on the US would be a good thing. ESPECIALLY considering how it's used currently (i.e.: just block everything your opponent tries to accomplish)
  5. Mad_Pirates

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    hmmm, cookies
  6. Mad_Pirates

    First Thing

    manneken pis (the little pissing dude in Brussels)
  7. Mad_Pirates

    The Geography Game

    Aars (Arse in dutch )
  8. Mad_Pirates

    7 years

    heh, and mine's merely been spending the time at the state where you can get all wonders for pretty much all of that time... my tech-growth has been somewhat bad though.
  9. Mad_Pirates

    Kharn's Gaming Corner

    Minecraft: as addictive as a lego box with unlimited space and an unlimited amount of blocks. Ys Origin: think old-school zelda + 3D and fast-paced action, but with true levelling and great music. Similarly for Ys: The Oath in Felghana. Ys 1& 2 complete is a similar game, but no 3D yet AND you've got an interesting game-mechanic where you dont swing your sword but run into enemies off-center to fight & kill them. Final Fantasy 7: First FF to go 3D. vastly overrated but still a fun game I've yet to finish. It helps that it was on special offer on steam for $6 and I didn't legally own it yet Eschalon Book 1: old-school isometric 2D RPG with good music and an interesting storyline. You wake up in a ruined town with no memories of yourself and must find out how and why you ended up where you did. Sometimes reminiscent of an indie Baldur's Gate version. And that's basically what I've been playing lately. (Except for Ys 1& 2 and Ys: The Oath in Felghana (remake of the 3rd game, which comes chronologically 4th in the series). I already finished those )
  10. Mad_Pirates

    Kharn's Gaming Corner

    I also consider myself to be a gamer, though its somewhat off and on. My pile of "To finish!" is FAR too large, but I mostly prefer RPGs and TBS games. Yes, that includes Civ V and Civ IV, and I'd also be down for a game of that (even played Civ 4 longterm with a couple of FARKers a couple of years ago - think 8hr turns) Also loved the old sim city games and even reinstalled civ3K a while ago. not plannng on playing the reboot. also, M I N E C R A F T. pretty much all of the TES games are on my 'yet to finish' list :/
  11. Mad_Pirates

    NADC Steam

    iirc, _mkor_ couple of new guys I havent got yet I see
  12. Mad_Pirates

    Kingdom of Hyrule

    welcome back!
  13. Mad_Pirates

    Can we discriminate on weight

    Heh, indeed, in the majority of the cases, fat people HAVE no one to blame but themselves and/or their parents for their overweightness... As for diets: If you suddenly start eating half or less of what you ate before, OF COURSE your body is going to react to that. the difference is far too big. Of course, eating the right quantity and exercising enough IS hard. while there are some general numbers, everyone is still different. Some will need more food than others, and some can stand eating too much/too fat better than others. For 99% of the cases, though, yes, they have good reason to discriminate against fat people. Also, in most of those cases they ALSO take the discrimination too far. And finally, exercise alone is not enough. It must be frequent, long and intense enough, though intensity doesn't really seem to need to be greater than a brisk walk in most cases.
  14. Mad_Pirates

    Count to 100 before Bgorre1013 posts

    100! we win!