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  1. Impact Strafe

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    I just felt like I should point out that American Government cuts aren't immediate. What they are doing is cutting future budgets. The "current budget" will not be diminished. They are just preventing future increases. (Current budget is somewhere like 13 trillion dollars.)
  2. Impact Strafe

    Obligatory 9/11 Thread

    It really was too much, DW.
  3. Impact Strafe

    A Resignation and Final Goodbye

    And yet again... Though seriously, good luck mate. Have fun, and see you around.
  4. Impact Strafe

    Holy $%&#

    I actually wrote a paper on the Occupy movement and it's meanings, if any one is interested in reading it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MIQF1mn6tPCffxD8VdMcJCdLJEu25KL2v4IEo9Jij8M/edit
  5. Impact Strafe

    Obligatory 9/11 Thread

    No, we discussed it in the Pentagon thread. Go look it up. We very much discussed it.
  6. Impact Strafe

    Obligatory 9/11 Thread

    Mandystalin. We did discuss conspiracies somewhere... I'm just not sure where.
  7. Impact Strafe


    I especially like this game. The graphics are great, the interface and hub is very well designed. The quest system is easier to use, but the quests remain as hard, the world doesn't scale around you, and the character choice factors into a lot of choices.
  8. Impact Strafe


    Second Breakfast is Second breakfast. It just is.
  9. Impact Strafe

    Holy $%&#

    Since I'm a firm believer in the Austrian school of economic thought then I personally have a strong opinion against them. However ignoring all economic arguments; They have media booths, and stages. That tells me this is not a grassroots movement. It is funded by someone. With an agenda. Plus I'm not exactly sure what they are protesting. They haven't been super clear.
  10. Impact Strafe

    Legalization of Drugs

    The government was formed by the people, to protect the rights of the minority from the majority and the wants of the majority from the minority. So, your statement that the people are the government and thus don't need to be protected is the contradiction. If the people didn't need protection then we don't need a government to begin with, and anarchy is not good, right? And people are protected by themselves from themselves all the time, it is why we have laws. Because people do stupid things and make crap choices and they need to be protected from that. In this case, when driving or interacting with others involuntarily the consumption of drugs and alcohol should not be allowed. However if you choose to do it in your own house, and are a legal adult then nobody cares. If it is in the vicinity of other then the rights of others come into play and that is when the government needs to step in.
  11. Impact Strafe

    Legalization of Drugs

    I'm all for legalization. I don't agree with smoking pot, but that is the choice of the individual. In fact I'm all for the legalization of all drugs, except Methamphetamine and possible Heroine. Besides that, if you want to kill yourself, or get high, or whatever then go ahead. Just as long as I don't have to pay for it, and I don't have to feel bad for you. I also agree with the Prohibition argument.
  12. Impact Strafe

    Same-Sex Marriage / LGBT Rights

    Here are my personal opinions on the matter: 1) Same-Sex Marriage - Don't call it marriage, come up with another word and I'm fine with it, 2) Employment Non-Discrimination - No discrimination should be allowed. Ever. 3) Adoption - I don't agree with it. 4) Housing Non-Discrimination - No discrimination. Ever. 5) Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Soldier Policy - Um... The arguments for and against are compelling, but I personally don't care one way or the other 6) Bullying Policies - Bullying should never be allowed. ever.
  13. Impact Strafe

    What really happened at the Pentagon?

    They are hiding something. Okay, I can accept that. How much will be debated. But, we have to ask ourselves why they are hiding it. Because they donät want to expose national security secrets? Or because they killed 3000 Americans...
  14. Impact Strafe

    World War II Alternate history

    Well, if we presume that Germany and Japan win. And the Third Reich incorporates America, the USSR, and the UK? Then Germany takes out Japan, with the economical might of three superpowers and Germany controls the world in a totalitarian state. Until there becomes resistance in the US and in the UK. Though the US wouldn't have fallen, Germany would have stopped with Europe for at least twenty years, to increase their strength. Germany/Japan would have lsot to much trying to invade America in 1945.
  15. Impact Strafe

    What really happened at the Pentagon?

    Why isn't it good? Are we not allowed to debate? I see no problem in having a debate. If we were to not debate controversial topics then there would be no critical thinking about topics.