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  1. we the people

    we the people's application

    Thank you! Glad to be back home.
  2. we the people

    we the people's application

    APPLICATION Nation Ruler: we the people Nation Name: America Nation Link: https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=531057 Current Team Color: Orange Native Resources: Pigs and Wheat Nation Strength: 106,041.570 Have you been invited to this alliance?: Former NADC member Are you currently at war?: nope How often can you visit the forums? 3 times a week Real Life country that you live in? USA What time zone are you in? same as CN server time What other alliances have you been in? animalz, NADC Do you understand that NADC members and applicants are not allowed to declare war without authorization and do you agree to abide by this rule? Yes Compulsory Pledge I hereby agree to sign the NADC charter. By signing the Charter, I accept that I am bound by the terms of this Charter, as the supreme law of the NADC, and any laws of the NADC for so long as I am a member. I further pledge to uphold and defend the ideals and principles of the NADC as a loyal member of the Assembly and to its officials. - we the people of America
  3. we the people

    Pretty Interesting Thing About Europe

    I would love to see countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE take in these refugees. The fact that they don't is just unfair on their part. Speaking of which I don't know why the United States continues to be allies with such a barbaric country. Saudi Arabia won't even allow you in their country if you have a stamp from Israel on your passport (One of the United States closest allies). If what XxHouseArrestXx said is correct then I would be in favor of completely shutting off the flow of refugees into Europe.
  4. we the people

    Pretty Interesting Thing About Europe

    Frankly as an American I am going to have a different perspective than a European however the refugees coming into Europe could lead to economic collapse. These people are not capable of supporting themselves and governments will have to expend capital to take care of them, money that they don't have cause last time I checked most if not all European countries are in debt. Don't forget about the possibility of ISIS posing as refugees and killing Europeans. In this sad situation I would say better safe than sorry.
  5. we the people

    Pretty Interesting Thing About Europe

    Cool website! I'm just not sure the western world can afford to keep bringing these people in.