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  1. Broseph Stalin

    Throwback Song?

    What song takes you back to "The good ole' days"? feel free to say how it takes you back, and include the song! Mine is Eric Prydz's Call on me (I opted for not showing the music video since it's very sexual lol) This brings me back to 2004, being on summer break and playing some runescape and/or GTA Vice City. I was in 5th grade, so the music video I was all over (whenever my parents weren't around lol)
  2. Broseph Stalin

    Star Wars Rogue One Trailer!

    Can't wait! I really hope it lives up to all the hype
  3. Broseph Stalin

    Word Association

  4. Broseph Stalin

    Matthew Meets America

    Broken Link? xD
  5. Broseph Stalin

    The 2nd Presidential Debate

    I have to agree with you there, he never stays on topic and doesn't answer the questions. Though I didn't support Trump from the start, I rather him over Hillary. Gary over both of them, but I feel like he dug himself a hole with the whole Aleppo situation, and being unable to name a foreign leader.
  6. Broseph Stalin

    The 2nd Presidential Debate

    Did anyone else watch the debate last night? what did you think? I personally believe that Trump won last night, he was a lot calmer and collected in this debate compared to the first one. He also went on the attack, which I love to see him finally do
  7. Broseph Stalin

    Word Association