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  1. General Ackbar

    Animal Game

    snake... yea i could tell... by the saurus lol
  2. General Ackbar

    Who Will Post Next?

    yep a random assortment of letters?
  3. General Ackbar

    The Seamen Game

    ok, so you ordered a hamburger, fries, a milfshake (lol wut?) and a cup full off seamen!!!!!
  4. General Ackbar

    Last One to Post Wins (Part IX)

    i think that i should win because this is the 1000 post in this thread
  5. General Ackbar

    True or False

    false the next poster likes girls
  6. General Ackbar

    Corrupt a wish

    granted but a hobo beats the crap out of you and steals your clothes and your 3 dollars i wish i was a hobo and had no money
  7. General Ackbar

    Bar Fight

    /me has achilles wrist... dies
  8. General Ackbar

    The Geography Game

    GREEN-BOW AL-A-BAM-A... yes i just quoted forest gump
  9. General Ackbar

    The Geography Game

  10. General Ackbar

    Bar Fight

    /me comes in anyway and stabs pimp with a spoon
  11. General Ackbar

    Corrupt a wish

    wish granted but you are chained to a mountain with an eagle poking out your liver every day i wish i could fly
  12. General Ackbar

    The Seamen Game

    she loved to have me seamen do her hair
  13. General Ackbar

    Animal Game