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  1. bgorre1013

    Who Will Post Next?

    Nope Someone who doesn't play the game anymore
  2. bgorre1013

    Looking for a new computer

    1: it has to be mobile 2: it doesn't have to be a Mac OS 3: I'm going to use it for general college stuff and some video editing Zygon can you give me a link or name?
  3. bgorre1013

    Looking for a new computer

    This Macbook pro cost $1499.00 It's currently my first choice for my new laptop, do you guys know any other computer with about the same specs. at the same or lower price?
  4. bgorre1013

    Echelon Diplomat Mask

    Your MoF already? I thought you just joined
  5. bgorre1013

    MCXAer looking for a Spy Games buddy

    in-game message this guy: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=201171
  6. bgorre1013

    Diplomat Mask Request

    I've never seen a Fark member before *we just made first contact
  7. bgorre1013

    Dressing appropriately (?)

    Well he was told to dress more appropriately, I think its reasonable. I mean is it that hard to button up your button down.
  8. bgorre1013

    CCC Diplomat arrived

    best forums in CN
  9. bgorre1013

    Changing Mask

    nice signatures.
  10. bgorre1013

    Ukraine: Who is on the right side?

    I found slide 18 to be quite interesting: Russia certainly thinks this, but it simply isn't true. Sevastopol is a very good port, if you take it out of context. Otherwise, it is just a port in a lake (essentially). It would be like the US maintaining a fleet in one of the great lakes, it is pretty much useless. On a related note, Russia has two other ports on the Black Sea they can use, they just aren't as good, and they aren't in other countries (with US bases in many countries in Europe, I suspect Putin feels that he needs to do the same to maintain Russia's status as a superpower). but the Black sea is connected to the Mediterranean giving Russia access to global waters in winter.
  11. bgorre1013

    Ukraine: Who is on the right side?

    Despite Russia building up for 20 years, their military is still largely out-dated, specially their navy. Also U.S. military isn't spread thin since we tons of allies: Europe - NATO Asia - Japan, South Korea, Philippines, India (not sure) Australia
  12. bgorre1013

    Ukraine: Who is on the right side?

    Putin wants sevastopol port The Russians have to ask the Ukrainians for permission to use this port, they get a lease on it - they literally "rent" it. This wasn't difficult with a pro-Russian president in Ukraine, however the Russians are very worried now, because there's been an uprising in Ukraine, and the pro-Russian president was turfed out, they may lose their lease on this port If they lose the lease, they lose their power in the region. Putin is a very clever man, he knows that he can push a certain amount and there won't be any military repercussions - no one is going to risk a massive war - so in a way he's playing a game of bluff, he'll push forces into Crimea, take Sevastopol all for himself - it'll cost Russia money and international relations - but he obviously thinks that the gamble is worth it to control such a vital port He doesn't have any strong opposition at home (running in opposition is "difficult" in Russia) and he pretty much runs the media - so he can convince the Russians at home, and those in the Ukraine that he is merely trying to protect them - this is something a lot of them believe this is a hostile take-over, internationally it's condemned, but to Putin, that naval port permanently in the hands of Russia is worth it
  13. bgorre1013

    Who Will Post Next?

    Zygon House