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    b] APPLICATION [/b] Nation Ruler: DefiantTech Nation Name: The Defiance Nation Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=604566 Current Team Color: Orange Native Resources: Fur and Sugar Nation Strength: 3000 Have you been invited to this alliance?: (if yes, state which member contacted you) Yes, The AmericanRepublic Are you currently at war?: (We can help you if you are) no How often can you visit the forums? (It's very important that you check it often) Few times a day Real Life country that you live in? U.S. What time zone are you in? EST What other alliances have you been in? None Do you understand that NADC members and applicants are not allowed to declare war without authorization and do you agree to abide by this rule? Yes Compulsory Pledge I hereby agree to sign the NADC charter. By signing the charter, I pledge to uphold and defend its ideals, principles, and guidelines by serving in the NADC as loyal member to the Assembly and its officials. -DefiantTech of The Defiance