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  1. AndrewHG


    I've managed to get ptsd and can't sleep properly any more. There seems to be a fixation about removing eyeballs.
  2. AndrewHG

    Transsexuals in Sports

    well put. Can't imagine someone chopping their bits&bobs off just to get a medal.
  3. AndrewHG

    Transsexuals in Sports

    In sports there seems to be the simple need for classification. Old ex sporting bods in smoke filled rooms make a lot of decisions still. Perhaps a fifth sports classification in track events open to everyone? Both sexes and disabled "all inclusive" would give some interesting results. And even a sixth where doping is allowed. Accepting that chemical/physiological enhancement isn't always a bad thing? A brave step indeed.
  4. AndrewHG

    ok Im done

    ok now change your AA from C&G POW to NpO POW you did originally scam them for a significant sum. They at least deserve the recognition.
  5. AndrewHG

    ok Im done

    stick that on your CN threads. Then we will talk further
  6. $25 for a 1080p linux pc... I'm thinking irc pc out of the way somewhere on my network with vnc viewer
  7. AndrewHG

    Have Questions?

    pm them to me mate. 3mil if you pass.
  8. AndrewHG

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    very true. It would help if the US got some taxable payoffs after these jaunts. Not playing "empire" right at the moment.
  9. AndrewHG

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    I know foreign debt is at 10.9 trillion euros ($14 trillion) but it aint so bad in the scheme of things. Borrowing is cheap. A few less wars praps?
  10. AndrewHG

    1.2 Trillion and Counting

    1.2 trillion cut? How much is the budget then?
  11. AndrewHG

    Holy $%&#

    Interesting outlook on TNCs and their influence. Surely you have to factor that sovereign individuals also have personal stakes in these TNCs in terms of pension funds and future healthcare. To bring institutions down would reset the accepted way of climbing on other individuals shoulders just to get on in the USA. I'll say it just isn't in the mentality of the average worker to support something that will affect their current lifestyle. Yours is the ultimate Nation of NIMBYs. That said $15 a gallon and students (sons and daughters) getting killed by insane militaristic cops might start swaying people in weird directions.
  12. AndrewHG

    A Resignation and Final Goodbye

    bloody hell DW Catch you on irc mate
  13. AndrewHG

    Holy $%&#

    Interesting vid of students being maced. Probably excessive tbh. Who runs campus cops then? What are the legalities using force in this scenario? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBk1ogP18K0
  14. AndrewHG

    Smoking in Public

    Not so much a nanny state but officials who havn't got better things to do. It's all very well living to 95 but if you don't enjoy life.. whats the point?
  15. AndrewHG


    On veteran or recruit?